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Champion of the Thames Eights Head, May Term 2009

2nd women's VIII (Women's 3rd Div. Mays)

Coxed by: Danny McMillan

5th in W3
Time: 6:50.3
There was some confusion at the start about whether or not the marshall was telling us to go. In future we should probably listen to Danny and not the marshall. But it was a pretty good start. And we got the boat moving fairly quickly for a bit. And then we came round Ditton and the boat speed dropped massively into the wind. Danny called a push for ten and we picked it up and started rowing better. In the wind it felt like a long hard struggle of a race, especially coming down the Reach. Sonya's blade caught inside the boat and we all ended up out of time but we got it back together and wound for the finish.

In all, not a bad result but we need to panic less when things go wrong in the boat. And I need some string to tie my feet in. (Fi)

1. Balanced
2. Watching the puddles go
3. Weight not really ce...

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