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May Term 2009

2nd women's VIII

Cambridge Head-2-Head (1st division)

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Champion of the Thames Eights Head (Women's 3rd Div. Mays)

5th in W3
Time: 6:50.3
There was some confusion at the start about whether or not the marshall was telling us to go. In future we should probably listen to Danny and not the marshall. But it was a pretty good start. And we got the boat moving fairly quickly for a bit. And then we came round Ditton and the boat speed dropped massively into the wind. Danny called a push for ten and we picked it up and started rowing better. In the wind it felt like a long hard struggle of a race, especially coming down the Reach. Sonya's blade caught inside the boat and we all ended up out of time but we got it back together and wound for the finish.

In all, not a bad result but we need to panic less when things go wrong in the boat. And I need some string to tie my feet in. (Fi)

1. Balanced
2. Watching the puddles go
3. Weight not really ce...

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May Bumps

Rowed over
Loaaaaaaaads of lengths.

Mwahhaha (Emma)
And to think you believed it was inevitable that St. Eds would get you earlier on...

I thought Eddies had been bumped as you passed me at the Railway bridge until I saw them row pass some moments and many lengths later.

Go get Jesus tomorrow! (Mark)
A really good row! What a brilliant performance! (Olivia)
A few of us were expecting this to go less than great, so rowing over by quite a distabnce felt pretty good. It was definitely one of the better rows we've had, with a comfortable start and some nice lifts out of the corners, although we can still look for a bit more round the finish. All in all a good confidence boosting row that should set us up nicely for the rest of the week. (DM)
Bumped Jesus III
Yeah! Just saw the smiley pop up. Good luck for tomorrow! (Mark)
Another nice start saw us hit our stride and then a call along the lines of 'that's our rate let's hold it there' produced some wonderfully spacky and splashy rowing. Still, we got them at first post. Job done. (DM)
Bumped Trinity Hall II
Yes! I remember feeling quite robbed the day we went down to Tit Hall last year.

Well done girls and Danny! You've managed to do what I failed to do last time, good luck for the final push tomorrow! (Mark)
A better row than yesterday, we managed to settle and find a rhythm quicker even if it was a pip or so too high. Despite taking the most horrendous line around first post corner we got two whistles and then almost straight away hit the boat in front pretty hard. Job done again, we'll be coming at queens all guns blazing. (DM)
Yes you did! I think I speak for other ex-W2 rowers (Jo, Alex, Kim etc) when I say how happy I am that you bumped back Tit Hall today. I've still not forgiven them for what happened last year - revenge is so sweet! (S.L. Stoneman)
Bumped Queens' II
Fantastic result girls and Danny - restoring the drop we had last Mays. You thoroughly deserve to enjoy this! (Mark)
We really pulled this one out of the bag - queens were definitely not going to be as easy to bump as Jesus and Tit Hall. The start was a bit rushed with a very high rate, but after Danny called to bring down the rate (several times!), we started to settle into rhythm.
The corner round grassy was as tight as possible without my blade hitting the bank, which allowed us to gain steadily on them. We started to get whistles coming down plough reach but swung out slightly wide on ditton, allowing them to get away again. A massive push down the reach finally brought the bump we so wanted! This bump was particularly sweet because it felt like we actually had to earn it, unlike with Jesus and Tit Hall, who we caught so early on.
A great row, and a great bumps crew to be a part of! (Alex)
That's the one we were looking for all week; controlled and confident with effective work going down. We finally managed to hit a comfortable ryhthm off the start, and even though tit hall put in a sprint from behind the girls didn't panic and we steadily moved away from them.

A tight line round grassy and a nice lift out of the corner saw us move nicely on queens, then some moron decided to go wide round ditton. This could have ruined the whole thing, but the girls responded great to some calls down the reach and we bumped them by the houses. Definitely the kind of race I wanted to end my bumps career on.

This would be a good time to thank thoses who have made this possible; our coaches Iain, Pete Summers and Jenny who also took time out to bank party us every day. Also big thanks go to Liz for all her coaching and support, and thanks to anyone else who came to cheer us on during bumps. (DM)

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2. Closing in...
3. Queens beginning to ...

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