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Cardinal's Regatta, Lent Term 2009

Coxes' VIII (Fancy Dress)

Coxed by: Gonzalo Garcia

1st round
Lost to Robinson Oompa Loompas by quite a way
The call was bowside pressure ... it didn't come. (DM)
Coxing a boat full of FaT coxes, Gonzalo had a real task upon him - and he excelled.

Being the worst bow-seat cox possible, Gonzalo coped with my "helpful" instructions well, especially when the closer-positioned Sonya sat at 5.

The row down was good, perhaps because we mainly rowed down in fours and sixes, but when we did row down all eight I only caught mini/moderate crabs.

The starts were good, despite hesitation in the inexperienced bows that the rate might go beyond 26. Unfortunately, we never got the chance to release out killer start onto the opposition.

Gonzalo lined up up perfectly, verified by myself and Danny at 2 and bow, but the combination of experience at stroke, 6 and 4 (and the fact that Alasdair at stroke swapped his macon with a Magdalene cleaver just before the race) meant that before Gonzalo could call "wind", bowside macon plastic met concrete bank and by then there was no chance.

The orange-skinned, green-haired characters took advantage of the gap and then opened up to the finish.

P.S. Sonya made her outing. (Mark)

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