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The Club's Results

Fairbairn Cup 2008

1st women's VIII (Senior VIIIs)

Coxed by: Mark McKelvie
Coached by: Jon Davies, Jenny Lee, Tom Rose,

Time: 17:07.63
This was the first time that this crew rowed together in this order, mainly due to illness and injury and the formation of set crews only after Uni IVs.

We had decided beforehand that a result of 5th or 6th would be very good, and put us in a decent position to tackle Lent term. Our result of 5th shows that we really can go into Lent term with high hopes, and, with a solid set of training when we return I think we can have some really good, positive rowing.

Many, many thanks to Jon, Tom and Jenny - over the few weeks we had to train our outings improved significantly, and I doubt we would've gotten that result without their help and inspiration. (Mark)

1. W1 Mich 08
2. Concentrated faces
3. Shot from Emma footb...

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