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Fairbairn Cup - IVs 2008

1st women's IV (College IVs)

Coxed by: Mark McKelvie

Time: 12:37.02
Bloody hell!

After defeat in the Final to a very strong Downing in Uni IVs, and the subsequent focus on VIII's rowing and the sheer lack of outings in that IV, I must admit I did not envisage us getting in the top 3 after a tough VIII race, let alone being the winners!

I can't describe fully how good it feels. We worked so hard up to Uni IVs; it seems our pure determination and nerve got us our just reward!

*Added on 15/12/2008*
Now I thought I'd write a descriptive report here.

We decided to keep the same start - a gradual build to race rate from backstops - as we did in the VIII earlier that day, peaking at 31, settling to 29.
Coming round Elizabeth Road bridge I noticed we had already gained on Emma before they suffered a temporary seat failure outside the King's/Selwyn boathouse. It wasn't too long until they recovered and we started to close them right down in the straight approaching Chesterton.
A conversation between me and Philip about making sure Emma gave way later on meant I let the rating slip to about 27/28 before I realised but then we powered back up coming into Chesterton, immediately after which we started to overtake as we came round the corner. We were even at the P&E and fully clear at the Railway Bridge.
Halfway down the Reach we managed to wind it up to 31 before the IVs lads cheered us as we approached Ditton.

Possibly the best row we've had as that IV. (Mark)
Definitely one of the best rows I ever had! Technically neat and amazingly smooth, we kept good length and cover, a relaxed rhythm at an average rate of 29-30, and consequently a good run. I wouldn't have believed before that Fairbairns (exspecially in December and after having rowed it in the VIII already) actually could be fun, but this was purely enjoyable! (Ulrike)
Awesome! Congratulations! Very well deserved :-) (Jane)

1. Ulrike
2. Victorious
3. Winner

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