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Mich Term 2008

1st women's IV

University IVs (1st division)

1st round
Beat Caius by 17 seconds
Time: 5:37
We didn't quite have the best start ever, and consequently they took about half a length off us from the start. Once we settled into our rhythm, however, we moved off and never gave them the slightest chance to come back. Must have been kind of a deja-vu for them...

Definitely the smoothest and best-balanced row we had so far as a crew! It was hard work all the way through but nevertheless most enjoyable at the same time! We made this boat fly today - let's do the same for the rest of the week!!! (Ulrike)
An explosive start from Caius saw them surging ahead within the first 15 strokes or so, but then on the length and rhythm call Caius had nothing more to give, and we ate up their advantage to push ahead at the kink.

Counterpushes were effectively negated around the railway bridge, and from there we slowly opened the gap up towards the finish. (Mark)
Quarter finals
Beat Jesus II by 14 seconds
Time: 5:41
Got the start right this time, but made up for it by making the following 10 or so strokes quite wobbly. Then we settled into it again and drove off - pretty much like yesterday. Amazing how much fun racing can be! (Ulrike)
Go girls!! Good luck for the next ones :o) (Erica)
In true deja-vu style, Jesus also had a strong, fast start, jumping ahead immediately after the "go", but once again could not deliver anymore after the first 20 strokes.

A better start for us meant we were quick to break down their initial spurt, and once again we slowly opened up the gap from around the railway bridge onwards. (Mark)
Semi finals
Beat Jesus I by 4 seconds
Time: 5:56
We weren't quite sure how good this crew were compared to last time, since they were both entered as W1 boats (W1b and W1a respectively) and we thought they may be matched boats.

We thought it was a nice touch that the Jesus bankparty decided to follow us all the way to Ditton to watch our warm up exercises, and we are also grateful for their support.

This race was closer than the last, and once again Jesus cut to the chase from the start, gaining the advantage that we had come to expect. From there it took a little longer to claw our way back, but we did so, neutralising their advantage at the kink and using our advantage on the inside of the railway bridge.

Credit to Jesus for a very solid and close race! (Mark)
Lost to Downing I by 12 seconds
Time: 5:55
Half an hour after the semi-finals, this race was going to be a test of pure, physical and mental nerve for both crews.

Downing got off to a good start, and we gained very slightly after this, but they were much bigger and happened to be marginally stronger than us, and ever so gradually opened up the gap from then on. Pushes only held them or made us gain a tiny bit, and coming under the railway bridge a combination of the wind and exhaustion made us wobble slightly.

The length and pressure remained to the finish but at the end of the day Downing deserved to win for being the faster and stronger crew and credit to them! Indeed, all crews we have competed against have shown great sportsmanship and we have really appreciated this.

But I think we as a crew have silenced our critics well, and as a crew we have done exceptionally against our opponents, particularly when I, as the cox, just happens to weigh more than the average weight of the rowers, and I am taller than the average height of them too. Clearly, tall and well built rowers don't necessarily make for fast boats...

Mark (5'7", 58kg) (Mark)
For both this and the semi-final Iain had us do a power 20 after the start, to make sure we didn't give away too much off the start as in the previous races. We had a good start, with a few wobbles because of the wind, but in general we kept it together well and our power 20 gave us the push we wanted right before the kink. But the Downing girls were stronger, more powerful and rowed well, and slowly moved away from us. We kept slight behind them until the Railways bridge by doing lots of pushes. But exhaustion kicked in (as much in the other crew) and despite a good fight they got their deserved win.

We are sad about the outcome, but not because we did not row well. We gave our best, but Downing was better and gave it all as well. Very good race indeed, and it puts us in good shape for Fairbairns and Lents. (Julijana)

1. W1 flying away from ...
2. Some good posture lo...
3. Strong finishes

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Fairbairn Cup - IVs (College IVs)

Time: 12:37.02
Bloody hell!

After defeat in the Final to a very strong Downing in Uni IVs, and the subsequent focus on VIII's rowing and the sheer lack of outings in that IV, I must admit I did not envisage us getting in the top 3 after a tough VIII race, let alone being the winners!

I can't describe fully how good it feels. We worked so hard up to Uni IVs; it seems our pure determination and nerve got us our just reward!

*Added on 15/12/2008*
Now I thought I'd write a descriptive report here.

We decided to keep the same start - a gradual build to race rate from backstops - as we did in the VIII earlier that day, peaking at 31, settling to 29.
Coming round Elizabeth Road bridge I noticed we had already gained on Emma before they suffered a temporary seat failure outside the King's/Selwyn boathouse. It wasn't too long until they recovered and we started to close them right down in the straight approaching Chesterton.
A conversation between me and Philip about making sure Emma gave way later on meant I let the rating slip to about 27/28 before I realised but then we powered back up coming into Chesterton, immediately after which we started to overtake as we came round the corner. We were even at the P&E and fully clear at the Railway Bridge.
Halfway down the Reach we managed to wind it up to 31 before the IVs lads cheered us as we approached Ditton.

Possibly the best row we've had as that IV. (Mark)
Definitely one of the best rows I ever had! Technically neat and amazingly smooth, we kept good length and cover, a relaxed rhythm at an average rate of 29-30, and consequently a good run. I wouldn't have believed before that Fairbairns (exspecially in December and after having rowed it in the VIII already) actually could be fun, but this was purely enjoyable! (Ulrike)
Awesome! Congratulations! Very well deserved :-) (Jane)

1. Ulrike
2. Victorious
3. Winner

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Christmas Head (S4 4+), Xmas IV

Time: 12:09
Let's call it an outing under race conditions...

With only 4 outings before the race and 3 crew members who had never been in a racing IV before this week, there was not much to expect and we were definitely not going for a good time but rather for a decent row. Consequently, we rowed most of the race at about rate 21. Coming up towards Elizabeth Way Bridge the schoolboy's VIII chasing us caught up quickly which caused us to have a spontaneous burst at about 25 that felt surprisingly good and made the boat move suddenly. Unfortunately it only lasted until the schoolboys crashed into us trying to push through on the inside of the bend (where there was about a meter between our blades and the concrete wall).

A very useful practise for the (Ex-)novices though, and the definite proof that you can fit Rachel into the cox seat of Sirens ;-)! (Ulrike)
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