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May Bumps 2007

3rd women's VIII

Crew list for 4 races:

Coxed by: Dominic Hockley

Crew list for 2 races:

Coxed by: Dominic Hockley

Overbumped Homerton II
WOW! I knew Eddies ahead would probably be too quick to catch, but I would never have predicted an overbump. Awesome job girls! Eddies will be quick behind you tomorrow, but you'll have something to chase.... (Phil)
Bloody amazing :) May *possibly* have been a little bit of luck involved, but still, an overbump is an overbump! Not our best row ever, but still good enough to get the first day nerves out of the way and some good points to take into tomorrow. Now all we need to do it go and get Newnham... (Charley)
Extraordinary turn of events... and a great result for W3!! Addies (2 in front) got their bung start wrong and went into the far bank. St Edmunds (1 in front) rowed past to get their bump. A minute later Homerton (3 in front) suffer an enormous overhead crab which skews them hard into the outside of First Post Corner... Amazing! :-) (Martin P)
this was the first bump up for a lot of the crew - i don't know about the rest of you, but i'm holding onto my greenery until it shrivels up. and them i'm going to frame it. and show it to my grandkids. we did it girls, woop woop! let's go for it today! (Kristina)
Bumped Newnham III
Well, we really do like screwing up people's BumpIt predictions! Our first row was pretty damn awesome, a really nice push along the gut and into Grassy saw us get overlap, and in amongst the confusion we got our bump ("properly" this time!) Eddies were closing, but not enough to make a difference. The row-over at the bottom of Division 3 was pretty good too, we were never really going to get Selwyn today but it was a tidy and committed row and we actually managed to make Peter Brandt move. Tomorrow we're going for the row-over then bump up, if anyone cares to change their predicitons... (Charley)
a very wise wLBC once told us, "when you win, nothing hurts." she was sooo right. we actually deserved this bump, too!!! i'm so proud of everyone, i couldn't have expected such an awesome result this time two weeks ago. especially with eddies chasing us, the members of which are at LEAST twice our size. amazing!! (Kristina)
A really excellent row and an excellent result under pressure from St Edmunds. After such good luck on day 1, so good to build on that and keep moving up. Bumped at the Plough. (Martin P)
Rowed over as sandwich boat
i personally felt like throwing up when i was told i would have to row again. still, wasn't too bad, we didn't make up much ground on Selwyn but found a good strong rhythm which we kept all the way down to the finish. let's try and bump them tomorrow so we don't have to row twice again!! (Kristina)
Rowed over Head
A decent enough row in pretty shocking conditions. Got a good start (thankyou to everyone who was on the bank pushing us off for getting it spot on), unfortunately for them Newnham III didn't so were bumped by Eddies before First Post Corner. The crews behind them bumped out around Grassy, leaving us a nice clear river to row-over as head of the division. A bit rushed in places, but the last piece was lovely and it did the job :) (Charley)
Rowed over as sandwich boat
Absolutely awesome :) Even though we didn't catch Selwyn, it was a really good row, we were totally committed despite being completely knackered, and especially along the reach put in some good pushes. Dom deserves a special mention for some fantastic lines and thankyou to our ever-growing bank party for keeping us going. Bring on Eddies tomorrow, it'll be tough but if we throw everything we've got at it then we can do it... (Charley)
Bumped by St. Edmund's
our best piece of rowing yet this week, even in the torrential rain (which decided to start on the one minute gun - niiiiiice)!! they simply outrowed us, all credit to them.

we've done so well this week, girlies, i can't tell you how proud i am of us all. they say good crews go up three...:p bring on the mays dinner :D x (Kristina)
Even though it wasn't quite the result we were looking for today, I'm still incredibly proud of the way we rowed today and all week. Today felt like some of the best rowing we've done, really powerful yet not rushed, and we didn't lose it even though they were closing in. Once again thankyou to another excessive bank party for some great support, and sorry Dom for getting you a little wet at the boat house! We've exceeded everyone's expectations (and probably our own) this week, and going up 3 is a fantastic achievement...especially since most of us now have a positive bumps record :) Cheers girls for making these bumps so much fun (even if we can't quite manage "First" "and" "Third"!), bring on Mays Dinner... (Charley)
Definitely my best bumps ever! Thanks a lot to all you girls (and Dom) for making this sooo amazing despite the horrid weather! Up 3 is a great result and I'm very proud of it! (And I really can do "First" "and" "Third" now, promise :)) (Amna)
So amazingly proud of all of you. Absolute legends girls. Was so so so impressed with all of your rowing - and you blew me away with the performances you put in. You made my week girls, made my week. (Lyns)

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2. Conceding the bump o...
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