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Poplar Regatta, May Term 2007

1st men's VIII (S4 8+)

Coxed by: Emma Salgård Cunha

Time: 6:14.51
Lashing rain and howling winds creating large waves made us very cold and very wet on the way down to the start, and filled the boat with a huge amount of water before even reaching the start. Conditions calmed down a lot by the race and we went off with a reasonable tail wind. First half went alright, dropped Churchill (in the next lane) fast and led the pack from the start. The water got a lot more choppy in the second half making the rowing a little messey and we quiched it through with 750m to go as it was clear we were going to qualify. Favourite coxing call; "Don't worry", as Tom informs Emma she's drifted into Churchill's lane and she hits the rudder hard to get back over. She probably just got bored with the straight line racing and decided to invent a Grassy corner halfway down the course. (Phil)
What about favourite comeback to a coxing call? Emma calls 'Last 500m, we're going to empty the tank', to which Tom replies 'NO WE'RE NOT'. (BJ)
I reckon if we'd kept straight and pulled in the last third we could've gone 5 seconds faster. I only say this because 6:09 would've been competitive in S3, which I think is where we should be aiming. School 2nd eights and Cambridge colleges? Too easy. (Tom C)
Time: 6:53.69
Job done: now we can enter HoR4s without necessarily having Fletcher in the crew, although we'd probably still take him just to guarantee the win. (BJ)
I thought the race was over when we had clear water at halfway. Surprisingly, it was Emmanuel College who rose from the ashes, clawing back half a length it the third 500. But they weren't able to wind for the finish, affording us a substantial winning margin.

Unfortunately conditions were too variable to allow any useful comparison with LMBC. For now I'll assume that we're faster. (Tom C)
A big head/cross wind made the rowing tricky and gave us a very slow time. The rowing wasn't terrible given the conditions, but we lost some length and didn't rate very high. I'm sure that with a bit more training, and a stroke man who hasn't spent the previous 36 hours celebrating his birthday, we'll achieve suitably high rates. (Phil)

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