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Robinson Head, Lent Term 2007

2nd women's VIII (Lower VIIIs)

Coxed by: Damilola Dauda

5th overall; fastest second VIII
Time: 10:16
We rowed fast! I'm ready and I still have 20 minutes before my date arrives. Thank you all, much appreciated.

p.s. We are fit. (Harriet)
We won !!! we are truly awesome...we rowed well together and it paid off(obviously there are still things to work particular not rushing the slide) you girls are all awesome it was a pleasure rowing with you, bring on bumps...!!! (Hannah)
I could not be happier - to be WINNING at this stage (and the first time we have ever raced together as a full crew) is amazing - so proud! Bring on the bumps - we're not going to settle for anything less than blades. Woo hoo!!! xx (Jo)
Absolutely awesome!!!!

What I'm most pleased about is that we're closing the gap on the first women which has been pretty big the last couple of years. 35 seconds off them today, and we've still got a lot to work on. I am soooo proud to be coxing you guys xxxxxx (Dami)
Well done girls. Looking forward to more of the same! (Erica)

1. Fastest 2nd women's ...
2. FaT and the Robinson...
3. Yep still posing and...

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