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Pembroke Regatta, Lent Term 2007

1st men's VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Andy Wong

1st round
Beat Wolfson (easily)
Okay (Andy)
I've guessed at what the margins looked like from the 5 seat... If anyone with a clearer view cares to correct me then please do so! (BJ)
2nd round
Beat Emmanuel (a length and a half)
Okay-poor (Andy)
Emma had a blistering start, and we were almost instantly a third of a length down. But we kept at it, and by the Railway Bridge we were almost a length up, which we then stretched out to the finish. (Phil)
Quarter finals
Beat Clare (about a length after blade clashing)
Poor-poor (Andy)
Poor-poor does not do this justice. We didn't think it was great at the time, but our rows in the semi-final and the final really put this into perspective.

I should say though that Clare were quick, much quicker than we expected, and should do well in bumps. (BJ)
Beat Jesus (a length)
Okay (Andy)
To be fair, I would rate this one okay-good: we did work pretty hard! A long day at the river (arrived at 6:45am, left at 6:15pm...!), but ultimately a satisfying conclusion. (BJ)
A final pre-bumps win, always nice, now its time to get focused on the real thing (Will L)
There's a lot more speed to come when this boy stops being ill. Maybe I shouldn't have rowed, but couldn't have found a sub without skanking the lower boats, and I really wanted to win this. Pleasingly we were faster in every section of the race, only 2 seats down after the bend and sealed it 20 strokes after the bridge. Very happy at the finish, but it doesn't make up for uni 4s in any way. (Tom C)
I think this was probably one of the best races I've ever done, and was the moment when I truely started to believe we could and should take the headship. We were all pretty tired coming into our 5th race of the day, but were fired up and really went for it. Wound to the mid-high forties, held it at about 41 for the first minute and then strode to 38 for the rest of the course. Andy clocked us at 3:29.

However, the best bit for me were the message boards. Some guy, we think from Downing (surprisingly enough), had been mouthing off about how bad we were, and when we were through to the final posted a message that he was going down to watch us get spanked. Almost the next message was him declaring the result, but that he'd seen enough to be sure that we'd still get bumped by Jesus. Top stuff. (Phil)

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