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Fairbairn Cup 2006

BPBC 1st men's VIII (Invitation VIIIs)

2nd Invitational VIII (10th overall)
Time: 14:53
Cantabs were quite quick, and there was I assuming the invitational category was only for crews that didn't train!

We were 48.2s down at half way and 1:32 off at the end, so fitness obviously not a problem.

Good to beat Pig's Ear at least... (Jon)
Jon's margins are to CUBC, not Cantabs! Would have been nice to have more than one practice stroke, especially since Robbo hadn't been in a boat for 6 months, but it was more than the marshals' jobs were worth. Next year the 1st VIII is going to row the 2nd VIII's boat home to get some practice in, except that we'll forget to do this - you read it here first. (Neil T)
So, did you remember? (RTT)

1. BPBC M1 from the bridge
2. BPBC M1 from the bridge
3. BPBC M1 from the boa...

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