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Cambridge Winter Head, Mich Term 2006

1st men's VIII (Student Senior VIIIs)

Coxed by: Andy Wong

2nd in Men's Students Seniors, 5th Overall
Time: 8:54
Result shows we might not be so far off the pace as we'd perhaps feared, which gives us a good base to work on between now and Fairbairns. We (and Mr Darley on the bank) felt the rating off the start was a tad comfortable, though as it turns out we made it to the first timing point fastest bar one crew. Being slightly less refined in the windy conditions on the reach meant we gave most of this advantage back. (Andy)
A slightly disappointing row, lacking the aggression of last year, although the slow time is due partly to a nasty head wind in the second half. I'd like to think that the 1k times are more representative when comparing crews in different divisions, apparently it was calmer in the morning.

It's encouraging that we weren't soundly beaten, as in the autumn head, and this must be our smallest margin of defeat in this race for a number of years. But the likes of Jesus will be a lot better than the opposition here, so the foot won't be coming off the gas in the next couple of weeks, not even slightly. (Tom C)

1. Sorry, cox missing o...
2. Catch it, guys!
3. On the way to the start

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