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May Term 2006

1st women's VIII

BUSA Regatta (Women's Junior VIIIs)

2nd of 5 crews, 1st of 2 qualifying for the repechage
Time: 8:26.58
We weren't expecting a great deal from our trip to BUSA given that we'd had approximately one and a half outings together as a crew, never done more than a burst and certainly nothing as ambitious as a 2k piece rating 34ish. Ho hum.

Once we'd been told, as we were boating, that Honey needed to have a weigh in certificate (the officials were most amused) and rowed up to the start all that remained was to not embarrass ourselves either by a) failing to attach to the stakeboat or b) finishing the race after everyone else had already deboated. We accomplished a) pretty quickly and efficiently and with 3 and 5 manfully sculling 2 and 4's blades at firm pressure to keep us straight we waited for the other crews to attach. Pleasingly, the Oxford lightweights were the slowest of the lot. Finally, with the green light (and apparently a klaxon too - that didn't make it to the bows in the roaring headwind) we were off.

Somehow, our start was better than everyone elses, but lack of crew togetherness/fitness/having trained told slightly in the first minute and Oxford stormed off into the distance to win the heat by a convincing 20 seconds. However, of the remaining 4 crews we were comfortably the fastest and coped well with the incredibly windy conditions to open out a lead of around a length and a half, which we kept until the finish, earning us a place in the repechage. A great result, which rather unfortunately meant we had to do it all again... :) (Amelia)
2nd of 6 crews, 2nd of 3 qualifying for the final
Time: 8:18.87
Someone needs to learn to spell repechage.... (RTT)
Between races we obtained a copy of the results (20p well spent) and found that of the crews in the repechage (2nd and 3rd place from each of three heats) we'd got the fastest time by quite way. Given that conditions had remained steadily awful and therefore times could be compared, this should mean that we were well placed to take one of the final slots by coming in the top 3 in the repechage.

The wind had died down a bit by the time we came to race but it was still pretty unpleasant. We rowed a little better and rather more consistently. Unfortunately the crews directly on either side of us were very slow, although Durham and Nottingham had a bit of a tussle and remained fairly level with us. We crossed the line a very close 2nd, less than a second behind the Nottingham crew. Next stop, the final! (Amelia)
5th of 6 crews
Time: 8:39.07
By this point in the day we were getting pretty tired out, not having anticipated doing 3 2k pieces! Lining up in the final with two Oxford crews, the CUW lightweights, Nottingham and Durham, we expected the race to be divided into two separate contests; one for the medals between Oxford, Oxford and Cambridge, with the remaining three of us fighting it out for 4th, 5th and 6th. This was exactly as it turned out - the university crews shot off into the sunset leaving us trailing in their wake as we struggled with the wind which was picking up and swirling all over the place. We were fairly level with Durham for much of the race but they gradually opened up a small lead which we couldn't match, eventually crossing the line about a length ahead. Slightly disappointing given that we'd beaten them in the two previous rounds, but 5th in the final is still a lot better than the embarrassment of being knocked out in the heats which we'd expected given our lack of experience both rowing as a crew and racing in a 2k multilane regatta. Hopefully we'll do one (well, two) better next time! (Amelia)

1. Coming into the pont...
2. Catching in the rock...
3. Drawing through

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City Sprints (Women's Lents Division 1)

beat Trinity Hall by 1 1/4L
So much better! Despite our distinctly sub-par performance in the semi, we rowed much more efficiently this time and were taking water from the opposition right from the start. Once we were within sight of the boat house, the outcome was not in question.

Nice not get hailstoned on this time, too! (Erica)

1. More photos of beati...
2. Yet another photo of...
3. Girton 7 girl crabbing

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Cambridge Head-2-Head (Women's Lents 1)

6th of 16 women's VIIIs, 6th of 10 college 1st VIIIs
Time: 20:48
I think 'OK' best sums up this race. Nothing terribly bad, but nothing amazingly good either, just plain old OK. (Jane)
Very average. (Amelia)
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Champion of the Thames Eights Head (Women's 1st Div. Mays)

2nd overall, 2nd in category
Time: 5:27
Our stealth start from under the willows near the Plough didn't win us any prizes and Jane and my efforts at getting us around Ditton didn't either but fortunately we got going and up to rating pretty quickly, settling to a powerful 33. We had a nice lift to take us over (under) the line in style.

Sadly not quite enough to win today but 5s off the winners (Caius) and joint second with Jesus isn't a bad result. We should be aiming to increase our speed by being a bit more together and confident in the way the boat is moving as a result; once we've done that I hope we can close the gap on the crews at the top of the division. (Amelia)

1. On on to Ditton
2. The umbrella gives i...

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Cambridge 99's Regatta (1st division)

Semi finals
lost to Newnham by a length
Embarrassing. Simply put, we rowed badly and let them have the better of us. (Amelia)
Horrible. I was so angry afterwards, even going for a run didn't cheer me up. (Jane)

1. Generic 1st women ro...

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May Bumps

Bumped Selwyn
On the first attempt: FaT were closing slowly on Selwyn who were closing slowly on Churchill - both gaps down to about 3/4 of a length at first post corner I think. Christs and Downing bumped out in the middle of the river at the entrance to Grassy, after Christs suffered a big overhead crab; the Downing boat climbed onto the Christs - looked pretty scary. These entangled crews drifted to the outside of the corner, but Downing were skewed across the river with little room to pass. Selwyn and Churchill kind of got through but were both impeded. Our guys didn't but thankfully no one was badly hurt. You don't stand taking pictures in that situation, but I do have one once Erica seemed ok... it's going up when I have a chance. (Martin P)
OK, so people are waiting to hear what happened on Wednesday...

We had a decent start and were closing on Selwyn coming into Grassy. On rounding Grassy we found Downing and Christ's bumped out, with Downing's stern gradually drifting out further blocking the river. Churchill and Selwyn just made it past on the inside, both crews clipping their blades on the stationary Downing. Unfortunately, three seconds later Downing were far enough out that there simply wasn't space to get past and despite Honey's half-second warning, our blades started hitting their stern and cox. Jo (at bow) was lucky not to be thrown out of the boat as her blade bounced off them. My own blade (5) got lodged on the cox somehow, pushing me backwards into the river over my rigger. We weren't moving by then, so I just surfaced beside my empty seat and held onto the boat as we cleared to the side. There were no racing crews behind us since King's had bumped New Hall very quickly.

We were expecting a technical rowover and thus doubly disappointed on the row home, but the news came in fairly quickly that we had been awarded a re-row on Thursday before the other divisions. As we had been closing quickly on Selwyn, who were just inside station on Churchill, this was great news.

The re-row went very well. We had a slightly shaky start but settled quickly into a strong rhythm and soon had whistles. With half a length to go, Honey called our killer push and were on them within ten or so strokes. One of the best bits of rowing I think we have done, and very satisfying! (Erica)
Rowed over
We knew that Christ's two ahead would be difficult to save from the bump by Churchill. We did not row our best but I'm not sure we could have made up the further half length that we needed to catch Churchill before they hit Christ's on the entrance to Grassy. As so often, it's disappointing that bumps are determined by the bad crews rather than the good ones, and even more disappointing to hear that the same situation prevented M1 from bumping today. We shall have our revenge on Friday. (Erica)
Bumped Christ's
We knew what had to be done today and did it pretty effectively. We had them at first post. This was also where Churchill hit Magdelene, so clearing the river turned out to be the most compicated part of the procedure. (jo)

1. Lilie quietly dying
2. Lilie suffering some...
3. Blades going in

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