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Newnham Short Course, Lent Term 2006

3rd men's VIII (Lower VIIIs)

Coxed by: Honey Duan

Fastest in 3rd VIII category, 7th overall
Time: 6:06
Not bad for a first outing. We would have been a lot quicker without Mike, but beggars can't be choosers.

Maggie (II?) tried to overtake us on the way back, but failed due to a combination of our immense strength and Honey's steering. In your face, Maggie. (BJ)
Unfortunately, we beat the 3rds... now that was a silly thing to do. We only beat Jesus M3 by three seconds, so it looks as though we have a fight on our hands for Pembroke Regatta. In the meantime, who's picking up the beer from Newnham? (Albert)
What beer? Did we win beer? I certainly didn't walk over to Newnham at 9.30 this evening to collect 18 x 330ml of Carlsberg... (Honey)
Thanks Bryn - it's nice to be appreciated...

Anyway, as the only novice in the crew this was the first time I had experienced an eight going relatively quickly with some balance (despite my best efforts to slow it down...) and it was good fun - looking forward to the next race. (Mike)

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