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Newnham Short Course, Lent Term 2006

A timed head race from the Little Bridge to the Railings (approx 1600m)
Sat 4th February

The event was organised by Newnham College Boat Club. At the bottom of this page there is a summary of the results of college crews and a link to Cambridge weather. Club members, please go here to add (or correct) results, crews or race reports.

3rd men's VIII, Lower VIIIs

Fastest in 3rd VIII category, 7th overall
Time: 6:06
Not bad for a first outing. We would have been a lot quicker without Mike, but beggars can't be choosers.

Maggie (II?) tried to overtake us on the way back, but failed due to a combination of our immense strength and Honey's steering. In your face, Maggie. (BJ)
Unfortunately, we beat the 3rds... now that was a silly thing to do. We only beat Jesus M3 by three seconds, so it looks as though we have a fight on our hands for Pembroke Regatta. In the meantime, who's picking up the beer from Newnham? (Albert)
What beer? Did we win beer? I certainly didn't walk over to Newnham at 9.30 this evening to collect 18 x 330ml of Carlsberg... (Honey)
Thanks Bryn - it's nice to be appreciated...

Anyway, as the only novice in the crew this was the first time I had experienced an eight going relatively quickly with some balance (despite my best efforts to slow it down...) and it was good fun - looking forward to the next race. (Mike)

1. Failing to catch New...
2. The Gentlemen

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4th men's VIII, Lower VIIIs

4th out of 6 3rd VIII's
Time: 6:24
The 4th VIII may have beaten us but we're better than them really!It was a good row for our first race in this crew, couple of points to sort out, but otherwise well done guys!

Chaos on the way back as we tried to pull over onto the far side of the river in order to replace the womens dodgy cox-box. Boats at all angles before we eventually managed to pass it across! (L. Carr)
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5th men's VIII, Lower VIIIs

2nd of 2 5th VIII's, beat four 'higher' crews
Time: 7:15
The conditions for this race were not exactly optimal... two coxes and seven actual rowers, two of whom were rowing on the wrong side, going out for a first outing ever using macons in a novice shell with a bent rudder. The row down was unsurprisingly poor. The fifteen-minute wait at the start gave us a chance to get our priorities straight, though, and once we actually set off things felt much better (no doubt having a Maggie VIII to push off helped things along).

Apparently we beat four crews which were officially higher than ours... But the really heartening things about this race were (A) the paddling at the start of our row home - now everyone knows what to aim for in future outings - and (B) We beat last year's 5th VIII, who were the fastest non-qualifying crew in the Getting-On Race. Three weeks to get things together now, guys... Bumps is starting to look like a definite possibility. (Magnus Jones)
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2nd women's VIII, Lower VIIIs

6th of 15 2nd VIIIs
Time: 7:15
Nice work for such a jumbled up crew. Due to the 1sts being at Peterborough and general sickness we were short of stroke and cox so a bit of a reshuffle was needed. Special thanks to Amy for subbing in and to Dami for coxing us there and back.

We started off well, but then the rate change didn't go as planned due to a cox box failure just before. We got it back together and managed a convincing few pushes. Noone slacked off at all, despite Charlie telling us that he could see the finish while we were still in sight of the motorway bridge!

Good work girls, see you all tomorrow. xxx (Harriet)
Excellent result! Though deprived of both stroke and cox (albeit with first rate subs Charlie and Amy!!), this crew has managed to build on its solid H2H result two weeks ago and has put in a time 11s faster than its chasing crew, Newnham III and 21s faster than its Bumps Day 1 target, Clare II...

From here it can only be onwards and upwards... towards (*finally*) a well deserved permanent place for FaT W2. (Pia)
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3rd women's VIII, Lower VIIIs

20th of 22 lower VIIIs
Time: 8:11
Not bad at all... better than Magdalene II at any rate ;) Keep up the good work, and once crews are set, both the 3rds and 4ths can look to some interesting racing in the second half of term! (Pia)
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<h3><a name="selectedresults">Selected Results</a></h3><h4>Men's VIIIs</h4><p><pre><b>Position Crew Time Placing in Event in Class</b> 1 Churchill I 5.35 1/9 Upper 1/9 2 FitzIlliam I 5.49 2/9 Upper 2/9 3 Girton I 5.52 3/9 Upper 3/9 4 Caius II 5.52 1/20 Lower 1/11 5 Robinson I 5.57 4/9 Upper 4/9 6 Wolfson I 6.04 5/9 Upper 5/9 <b>7 First and Third III* 6.06 2/20 Lower 1/5</b> 8 Jesus III 6.09 3/20 Lower 2/5 9 Selwyn II 6.10 4/20 Lower 2/11 10 Corpus I 6.11 6/9 Upper 6/9 11 Clare II 6.18 5/20 Lower 3/11 12 LMBC III 6.18 5/20 Lower 3/5 13 Homerton I 6.19 7/9 Upper 7/9 14 Pembroke II 6.20 7/20 Lower 4/11 15 St Edmunds I 6.21 8/9 Upper 8/9 16 Peterhouse II 6.21 8/20 Lower 5/11 <b>17 First and Third II* 6.24 9/20 Lower 6/11</b> 18 Darwin I 6.29 9/9 Upper 9/9 19 Trinity Hall II 6.42 10/20 Lower 7/11 20 Sidney Sussex II 6.44 11/20 Lower 8/11 21 Corpus II 6.47 12/20 Lower 9/11 22 Clare III 6.49 13/20 Lower 4/5 23 Jesus IV 6.58 14/20 Lower 1/4 24 LMBC IV 7.06 15/20 Lower 2/4 <b>25 First and Third IV* 7.15 16/20 Lower 3/4</b> 26 Homerton II 7.20 17/20 Lower 10/11 27 St Edmunds II 7.28 18/20 Lower 11/11 28 LMBC IV 7.35 19/20 Lower 4/4 29 Pembroke III 7.36 20/20 Lower 5/5</pre>*Due to an administrative error, FaT III, IV and V were entered as FaT II, III and IV.</p><h4>Women's VIIIs</h4><p><pre><b>Position Crew Time Placing in Event in Class</b> 1 Caius I 6.26 1/11 Upper 1/11 2 Emmanuel I 6.29 2/11 Upper 2/11 3 Newnham I 6.38 3/11 Upper 3/11 4 Caius II 6.49 1/22 Lower 1/15 5 Girton I 6.54 4/11 Upper 4/11 6 Churchill I 6.57 5/11 Upper 5/11 7 New Hall I 6.58 6/11 Upper 6/11 ` 8 Newnham II 7.01 2/22 Lower 2/15 9 Emmanuel II 7.01 3/22 Lower 3/15 10 Robinson I 7.02 7/11 Upper 7/11 11 Selwyn I 7.05 8/11 Upper 8/11 12 Jesus II 7.05 4/22 Lower 4/15 13 LMBC II 7.08 5/22 Lower 5/15 14 Peterhouse I 7.11 9/11 Upper 9/11 15 Homerton I 7.12 10/11 Upper 10/11 16 Corpus I 7.14 11/11 Upper 11/11 <b>17 First and Third II 7.15 6/22 Lower 6/15</b> 18 Queens II 7.18 7/22 Lower 7/15 19 Jesus III 7.22 8/22 Lower 1/6 20 Pembroke II 7.24 9/22 Lower 8/15 21 Newnham III 7.26 10/22 Lower 2/6 22 Churchill II 7.29 11/22 Lower 9/15 23 Darwin II 7.33 12/22 Lower 10/15 24 Clare II 7.36 13/22 Lower 11/15 25 Peterhouse II 7.37 14/22 Lower 12/15 26 LMBC III 7.40 15/22 Lower 3/6 27 Kings II 7.43 16/22 Lower 13/15 28 Emmanuel III 7.49 17/22 Lower 4/6 29 Trinity Hall II 7.53 18/22 Lower 14/15 30 Pembroke III 7.58 19/22 Lower 5/6 <b>31 First and Third III 8.11 20/22 Lower 6/6</b> 32 LMBC IV 8.42 21/22 Lower 1/1 33 Magdalene II 8.57 22/22 Lower 15/15</pre></p><div align="right"><font size="-1"><a href="#top">^ top</a></font></div><hr>
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