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Cambridge 99's Regatta, May Term 2005

3rd women's VIII (Women's Lower Division)

Coxed by: Emily Murphy

Semi finals
beat Newnham 4
We started a tad frantically but pulled away a bit, then they caught a painful looking crab, and we were told there was going to have to be a restart because this had occurred within the first 100 m. Baffling...

We were then told that since no contact had actually occurred, this was a mistake and we had actually won, unless we wanted to race anyway... which we did, seeing as we were going to have to get to the other end of the course somehow.

They stuck with us for a little while off the (re)start, perhaps a bit wound up by our insistence that we didn't want a headstart, but before long we had pulled away and won comfortably. (jo)
lost to Magdelene 2 by 1 1/4 lengths
They were quicker than us off the start and quite quickly took about 7 seats off us. Although the distance shouted after the race was 1 1/4 lengths, I'm fairly sure we didn't lose any further distance to them for the rest of the race. Sat at 2 I could see them out of the corner of my eye at all times (and my peripheral vision is not spectacular!)

It was a shame not to win nice glasses, but it was a good row, and I think the side-by-side racing will have done us good!

Thanks to Jaime, Ameeelia and Cath for subbing (jo)
And thanks to Emily for swapping the two seat for the coxes one and trying her hardest to cox in English for the afternoon! (Sarah)

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