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City Sprints, May Term 2005

1st women's VIII (Women's Lents Div. 1/2)

Coxed by: Jenny Lee

Semi finals
beat Darwin by 2 lengths
Started off looking to be a close race, but once we were clearly gaining some ground they flagged a lot and despite some extreme spackiness we made it to the finish line well before Darwin (whom we are chasing in Mays......). Not very good rowing really but a perfectly acceptable result! (Erica)
Oh sweet anticipation... xxx (Pia)
Winners of event - beat Girton by 1/2 length
We were late to marshall as five of us had only just got back from winning the other division, so Girton were waiting on the start (having also had to wait through another division for us because of our doubling-up issues).

Black clouds looked ominous on the row down, and as the marshall shouted Attention, Go! the heavens opened to the point that I couldn't tell whether I was being splashed by Pia, a massive gust of wind, or the plop of hailstones (approximately the size of apricot stones) in the water (usually this is very obvious :oP). Anyway, Girton put up a very good fight and we were level with them for most of the course, just managing to push slightly harder to the finish after a minor blade clash. I am very impressed that Jenny could see anything to steer by in that weather!

Again, not the prettiest rowing ever, but the start was well together and the last push to the finish was very satisfying. (Erica)
This race was not from this world. There was no visibility, the pain was mainly due to the hail, which started just before the GO and finished as we crossed the finish line. Girton are certainly not in the form we like to remember *:)* and gave us a very good race. Great fun!! (Pia)
You're right Erica, I could hardly see a thing!
Girton had moved over slightly onto our station, so I was aware there was some blade clashing occurring on strokeside at the same time as Cath's blade was about an inch away from the hard on bowside. But we squeezed through and won anyway :)
(No call for "I can see the finish" because I couldn't at any point in the race)
The bombardment by huge hailstones was not nice. (Little Jenners)

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