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University IVs 2004

2nd women's IV (2nd division)

Crew list for 1 race:

Coxed by: C.S. Dunleavy

Crew list for 1 race:

Coxed by: C.S. Dunleavy

Quarter finals
Beat Emma II by three lengths
2nd Womens four had an excellent race today, won by 2 - 3 clear lengths.

Come on down and support tomorrow, they'll be facing either Clare II or Tit Hall II, not sure who yet. Probably the race will start around half two. (Chris)
Semi finals
Dominated, Derailed and lost undeserved to Clare II
The Second Women.

With a strong bank party of two (a good 100-200% above the competition), one of which was sporting a GB gilet, plenty of time to row up to the railway bridge and an exemplary wind in the practice start, things seemed to bode well for at least a repeat performance of the overwhelming and modestly unanticipated victory (Coach Charlie "How the f*** did that happen?") against Emma II.

A brilliant start saw the girls pull away from poxy Clare who rowed like girls, quiching from stroke three. Having wound to 42, they strode down to a comfortable mid-thirties rating and an equally comfortable clear-water lead on Clare... when...


Sarah's seat quasi-derailed diagonally, leaving her and Erica preoccupied with trying to first get the thing off entirely and then on again, and bow pair rowing on with the sheer determination and selfless sacrifice only ever witnessed in First and Third rowers.

After about 100 meters, Emma were level, a further 100 saw them pull ahead... and ahead...

As soon as Sarah was back on the slide, Chris called for a mighty restart and the girls absolutely went for it, pushing every stroke like it would be their last, even despite Jenny's Railway Bridge lung failure, closing from about 6 lengths to 3 by Top Finish.

All due respect for an amazingly gutsy row that left Clare ashamed of their victory and much to hope for the rest of the year!!!

WELL DONE girls. (Pia)

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