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Head of the River IVs, Mich Term 2004

1st women's IV (Senior3 IV+)

Coxed by: Jenny Lee

439th overall, 44th of 111 WIV+, 17th of 44 in WS3A, 2nd of 14 college WIV+
Time: 23:39.24
Fantastic row! Despite missing the train to London, we got there on time and a really great start set us nicely into race rhythm to overtake Exeter (Oxford) and Emma very quickly; then holding off Imperial and an unidentified crew who were 'going for pennants' for a good time before they overtook. Unfortunately not too much chance for Jenners to practice swearing at crews for us to overtake because we were started a long way behind a group, but we made up good water on them by the end. Some confusion over distances led to us taking the rating up with about 800m to go, but probably this was a good thing...

Finished second college boat; a minute ahead of BP, only a minute behind CUW, very pleased and very tired! (Erica)

1. Yet another photo
2. Strokeside at the catch
3. Big empty Tideway

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