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May Term 2004

Single sculls

Maiden Sculls, VLW in her single scull

1st round
Lost to Emma's captain by 1+1/4 lengths
Time: 2:25
I'm really quite pleased with this result - it is worth noting that none of the following happened:
a) I crashed/sank
b) I fell in
c) I lost by the length of the reach

Apparently we were neck and neck for about 350m, when I sort-of-crabbed, and she gained a few strokes on me, which she held till the finish. All quite good fun really :) (Me Me Me Me Me.)
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Maiden Sculls, AML in his single scull

Quarter finals
Beat George Wallis (LMBC) very easily
Despite arriving to be told i was an illegal entry, i still managed to race. Apparently the rules are meant to read "That only those who have not before competed in a sculling race with the exception of the most recent Second Trinity Challenge Sculls be eligible to enter." however the "most recent" bit was only known to the people at the captains meeting.

My competitors sportingly allowed me to race and i was a little surprised to win my first race by quite a few lengths, despite crabbing twice off the start. (Rupert the Bear)
Semi finals
Beat Emmanuel Moll (Peterhouse) by 1 1/2 Lengths
This was a tough race. We were neck and neck for the first hundred metres, before he came smashing into me. I just held my line and tried not to let go and gradually eased away from him. Knackering!! (Rupert the Bear)
Beat Geoff Roberts (Emma) by 1 3/4 Lengths
Another lightweight and another tough race. I had been warned about his tendency to cut across onto the inside station, so i went hard off the start and just kept him at bay until the finish. (Rupert the Bear)
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Colquhouns (Open 1x), Eton Boy in his single scull

Beat Dmitri Petrov, Peterhouse by 18s
Time: 8:41
Mid-race disagreements with the banksteerer aren't always such a good thing. But I didn't crash, and was soon enough able to tell how I was doing without updates from the towpath. (Alex)
Beat Mark Corbett (Downing) by 15s; Dan Eves(Christ's) by 44s
Time: 8:25
This was switched to a three-way final at my request after various withdrawals meant that I would have had three races if I won the event, rather than each of my opponents' two. This was nice after some careless bursts when racing Dmitri and too long standing on the towpath the day before had left my legs a bit tired.

I unfortunately drew bottom station again, so had to work hard all the way. I got a bit stuck behind Dan who had started second coming round Ditton, but put in a solid last five hundred to close the gap on Mark enough for a pleasing victory.

Thanks to all involved for some enjoyable races. It's a pity messrs. Richardson and Barry-not to mention Perrin, Maier, Boote and many other big heavy people-didn't make it to the start line. Maybe they object to giving money to LMBC (I got Rupert to do the dirty work for me) or perhaps they're saving themselves for Sunday in the hope of being invited to compete in the RTT regatta... (Alex)
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RTT Regatta (Open 1x), RTT

1st round
Beat Salad Boy by 1 3/4l
A gentle start and sedate rhythm saw me testing my injury and remaining 1/2l down from the staggered start. Clearly this was not to be tolerated, so a spectacular 10 stroke burst at 300m in saw me raise the rate by at least 10 pips and cruise past a floundering gaylord. Despite a return to quiching I was left with a respectable win from just a few strokes of actual effort. (Rose the Twat)
Beat Gaypers by 8"
Having forgotten to square one of my blades, my 1/2l outside station advantage was quickly turned around into a 2/3l deficit. This was the situation for the first 150m, until I decided a push might be in order, which closed the gap to 1/3l. Some confusion over the bank steering and proximity of a New Hall VIII meant I stopped for a stroke and went back to 2/3l. At this point the competition took a slight downturn as it became clear that neither party wanted to have to attempt swapping the blades over and were thus getting slower and slower. This seemed a slightly sorry state of affairs, but thankfully we both realised that I could just change the rules instead (and wait until it was sunny) so we sprinted for the line over the last 100m. I won (just). (Rose the Twat)
How come RTT gets to win his own regatta? Surely should be against the rules! (Dubya)
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RTT Regatta (Open 1x), jmg in his single scull

1st round
Lost by 1/2 L
Lost to Gaypers, by less than a fair reflection of our difference in speed (Jon)
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RTT Regatta (Open 1x), JPD in his single scull

Semi finals
beat Glass by 1/2 length
As there was no start umpire we made a gentlemen's agreement to paddle up the course until we found one. The salad eating gayboy appeared after about 300m, so we decided to start. After 3 strokes I had taken a length and so I took it down to light. There was some confusion as to the location of the finish line, which ended with both scullers drifting the last 20m of the course, during which my opposition pulled back a length. (JPD)
Feeling quite good with the strokeside blade, but very strange things happening on bowside, my quarter-slide feathered start didn't give me the best first couple, and just as I got up to speed the bank started coming rapidly towards me. Perhaps little more practice next time...? (Jon)
lost to RTT by 8 inches
Rosie had a bad start which saw me take about a length. Despite some dubious sculling (at least in part caused by the exotic but generally unpopular practice of negative bow side pitch), I absorbed his push and then moved to about 2/3 length ahead. At this point Rosie had moved significantly into my lane, but I was warned. I shouted in protest, at which point the large-buttocked one stopped sculling thinking he was about to crash. Soon after, I realised that I was going to win, which would have meant swapping the blades. As the race slowed to a snail's pace, the Pembroke-enchanted idiot sculled past me and, after a 6-stroke dash for the line, beat me by a Boatrace worthy 8 inches. (JPD)
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RTT Regatta (Open 1x), Salad Boy

1st round
lost by 1 3/4l
I made a spacked but not disastrous start and was surprised to see myself hold or even move a little away from the Twat. This continued for a minute or so before my technique began to suffer at the moderately high rating I at which I was. At about the same time, Rampant Rose pushed and my counter-push saw my boat speed plummet. I turned round to see an imminent bank-collision and a distant Dwad so decided to wind down and we both paddled light up to the line. (Ingers)
Plate final
won by default
Glass had knackered his shoulder so withdrew from the final. I did my start (as ever, it was much better than the one in the prior race) but then paddled light over the course watching in amusement as RTT and Gaypers tried to take out a New Hall VIII. (Ingers)
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