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May Bumps 2004

1st women's VIII

Coxed by: Honey Duan

Rowed over
Our start surpassed both of our practices, and we moved up to 1 length from Darwin quite quickly. Unfortunately, they moved up to overlap on Peterhouse very quickly, and had them by grassy.
By plough reach, what little threat there had been from behind disappeared, and we dragged our way down the reach in complete isolation. Cox-box death after the first 10 strokes contributed to the boat being pretty unresponsive, making the rowover a bit of a chore and a bore, but we got there eventually, to a cry of 'Don't rate Too high Trinity!' from the bank. (jo)
Bumped Peterhouse
This crew really are a pleasure to watch- easily the most stylish and technical crew in the division. And today's bump proved that they are also very fast! Congratulations girls!!! (Aileen)
A good start, an over enthusiastic stride (38-39), a second over enthusiastic stride (37-38), a whistle, two, three, continuous..., hold it up. job done. (jo)
Bumped Queens'
We had a great start, an awesome row and a nice quick bump on Grassy. Job done. (Catherine)
Rowed over as sandwich boat
Apparently we closed to within a length in the gut, but coming into the headwind on the reach Darwin pulled away, and despite our best efforts on the reach we finished outside distance. (Catherine)
Rowed over Head
This wasn't the calmest row we've ever done. It started reasonably well, but we didn't lose queens as quickly as we had hoped we would and we worked a bit harder than we needed to as a result. It did the job though. (jo)
Rowed over as sandwich boat
We had a bit of a dash and die race plan for this one, but didn't have quite enough left in us to make the dash bit quick enough. Darwin dissapeared and went after Selwyn (who have had 3 stonking row-overs this week) and that was that. (jo)

1. At the finish on Grassy
2. Beautiful water in P...
3. Imperial row-over at...

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