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RTT Regatta, May Term 2003

A Single Sculling regatta open to any of Tom's friends, held over 500m from the 2nd post upstream of Ditton to the top Colquhouns finish.
Fri 18th April

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JPD in his single scull, Open 1x

Quarter finals
Lost to Alex Summers by 1 length
As I was on the inside station, Alex had a 1/2 length head start. My start was good (or at least agressive), and after a few strokes we were clashing blades. Alex moved quickly away, and was able to cruise to the finish in front whilst I spannered at a high (but rapidly dropping) rate. (JPD)
Plate semi finals
Beat Emily Eadington easily
Raced in Muddy Waters for this as Dan Holland had taken Magpie. Unfortunetly couldn't get to backstops, but otherwise felt a lot nicer to scull in.

Note to self: single strokes in tail wind need more work. (JPD)
Plate final
Beat Mark Suret by 1 length
On the outside station got about 3/4 length on the start, but Mark closed to about 1/2 on the corner. The tail wind had picked up and was whipping up some reasonable waves against the stream approaching the railway bridge. The sculling was not of a particularly high standard (meaning: terrible), but it got me through to the finish. (JPD)
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Quarter finals
Beat JPD
JPD got away very quickly, but luckily I was on the station with a half length head start, so with some aggressive steering I was able to hold him off until eventually hitting some sort of a rhythm. Some time after half-way he seemed to get a bit tired, allowing me to settle sufficiently to keep out of too much trouble on the waves. (Alex)
Semi finals
Beat Darcy
On the other station this time, I was initially a bit worried as Darcy began to give me a taste of my own medicine, closing the door as I attempted to pass along the bank. I dropped back a bit and started to move out wide, and luckily this and some heated umpiring from the towpath persuaded him to give me enough room to paddle through. (Alex)
Beat RTT before falling in
Tom very kindly let me have the outside station. Lacking JPD's storming start, he gave me little cause for panic, and I soon settled into a controlled if powerful race.

On to the blade swapping... Luckily I was allowed to switch from my Empacher to Muddy Waters. Unlike some people with their detailed strategies, in my case prior planning was notable only for its absence, save for the fortunate precaution of removing my socks and hat.

After an initial false start when I forgot to undo one of my gates, I had managed to slowly slide my bowside blade round to the strokeside gate, which had been opened ready for the blade's arrival-or so I thought. Unfortunately, the strokeside scull, which I had removed from the gate and was gripping tight against the rigger, was holding the gate against the backstay, leaving no way of getting the bowside blade into it short of lying down.

With both hands more than occupied and under pressure from Darcy's swift success, I foolishly heeded Dubya's advice from the bank to try to edge my hand gradually towards the gate. Things soon took a turn for the worse and as I hadn't fallen in from a single for 6 years, despite recent swimming practice at Ely, an undignified scramble for the bank was soon to ensue... (Alex)
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JWE, Open 1x

1st round
Beat Suret (2 lengths)
I was in the Pembroke boat for this one, it seemed very heavily geared. Or maybe my arms are just weak from all that cycling. Knackered from my 50k cycling race earlier in the day, I had a reasonable start which gradually turned into a substantial lead. (Dubya)
Quarter finals
Lost to Rose (2 lengths)
Hm. Wind had come up, I was knackered, and I'm shite at sculling. Put those three things together with a competent opponent and one thing is certain: I could not win. Rose would only have become stronger than we could possibly imagine. (Dubya)
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DJH in his single scull, Open 1x

1st round
Lost to RTT (2 lengths)
Not sure i agree with RTT's report on this. hed definitely won it by the start but as this was my first attempt at a racing start i guess it could have been worse. anyway i then edged my way up the course thanks to a rather generous tailwind and proceeded to crash into the bank pretty much at the finish line. (Dan)
Plate 1st round
Lost to Suret (Clare)
Another stirling row from me, start was worse than the previous one as i noticed id managed to half-feather my strokeside blade just before tom called go. Suret proceeded to take a length and a bit off me and then added to that until about 50m from the finish. it seems the corners on the reach can be particularly deceptive to the novice sculler. anyway after disengaging from the bank i crossed the line some distance behind the winner, deservedly earning the "easily" margin. (Dan)
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SAT, Open 1x

Beat the Peckster (2 lengths)
Martin did worry me when he got in and pushed off. He was looking very confident, while I was still on the bank struggling to move my footplate and not fall in.

I was very surprised therefore to pull away from him off the start and maintain my lead. This was in no way a reflection of my sculling technique though. By halfway through the 400m sprint the lactate had built up, though unfortunately this was in my arms and not my legs.

Note to self (in JPD stylee) - Learn to scull properly. (Sarah)
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JPD in his single scull, Blade Swapping

Fell In
Got both blades over the bow side rigger, managed to hold both blades out of the swivel for a few seconds but failed to drop the stroke side one in and fell in, ripping open both sides of my right foot on the rigger. Oops. (JPD)
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MCP in his single scull, Open 1x

Lost to SAT (2 lengths)
Taking to the water in the belief that Sarah was the one competitor with as little sculling experience as I, I displayed confidence if not expertise during my sedate paddle to the start.

However, a very shaky start allowed my adversary to move comfortably ahead within my first half-dozen strokes, providing conclusive proof that either
a) I am a girl or
b) SAT's 'sculling' experience was rather more extensive than mine (Martin)
Plate 1st round
Lost to Emily Eadington (out of sight)
"Lamb to the slaughter" is the expression that springs to mind.

I enjoyed my "race", although once "safely" across the line was saddened to find that there was no sign of Emily at all so comfortable was her win.

The crushing defeats to the fairer sex were greeted by frenzied excitement on the bank and even inspired mr earl to submit an instant announcement of my achievements worldwide via the internet. My meagre total of just 3 sculling outings in the last five years appeared to do little to deflate the glee with which my "supporters" mocked my efforts.

However, the moral victory over the innumerable landlubbers (even including a recent Granta colour) who declined to join me risking life and limb is unquestionably mine. (Martin)
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RTT, Open 1x

Quarter finals
Beat Holland by 2 lengths
Somewhat messy start but got it under a modicum of control for the rest of the row. Tried (unsuccessfully) to keep it pretty firm and fast so as to practice for the coming rounds. (Rose the Twat)
Semi finals
Beat Dubya by 3 lengths
Better start and higher rate rhythm saw me move away steadily for the first 400m (or was this just Dubya being knackered after his cycling race earlier?). Stopped before the line but realised cheering was not due to my having won and set off again hoping noone had noticed (they had). (Rose the Twat)
Lost to Summers by 1.25 lengths
Fairly poor start but into a nice rhythm for the first 250m saw me just 1/2 length down. Faltering on the corner and in the stronger breeze (could hardly be called a wind but still enough to affect my meagre abilities) I dropped the rate a little and dropped back to around a length, where I stayed until the finish. (Rose the Twat)
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<h4>The Rules</h4><p>1. That this be a side by side regatta in single sculls. <br /> 2. That the course be 500m from the second post upstream of Ditton Corner to the first winning post of the Colquhoun sculls. <br /> 3. That this race take place annually on my birthday (18th April), or the nearest public holiday. <br /> 4. That anyone who is my friend be qualified to compete. <br /> 5. That entries be free of charge. <br /> 6. That the appointment of umpires, presentation of prizes and the resolution of all disputes be at the sole discretion of RTT. <br /> 7a. That the draw be made by me on the afternoon of the regatta. <br /> 7b. That the first round draw be entirely biased towards amusing combinations of competitors. <br /> 7c. That the second and subsequent rounds be selected randomly. <br /> 7d. That the order of races be determined by me. <br /> 8. That two boats only start in one race, each boat to abide by its own accidents. <br /> 9. That in the event of a dead heat the course be re-rowed immediately in the opposite direction. <br /> 10a. That in the event of a competitor falling in, a pint of bitter be presented to me at the Maypole that evening. <br /> 10b. That in the event of me falling in, a pint of bitter / lager presented to each competitor at the Maypole that evening. <br /> 10c. That in the event of a competitor causing me to fall in, the competitor present a pint of bitter / lager to each other competitor at the Maypole that evening. <br /> 11. That the winner be required to attempt to swap his blades over before collecting the prize. <br /> 12a. That any competitor wishing to do so may attempt to swap their blades over, with the best attempt or fastest successful attempt qualifying for a pint of bitter / lager from me at the Maypole that evening. <br /> 12b. That competitors in this sub-event be exempt from rule 10 for the duration of their attempt. <br /> 13a. That in the event of an American or Frenchman winning, this regatta cease to be held. <br /> 13b. That in the event of a coxswain winning, I go out in a 4+ ten times before being allowed out in a real boat again. <br /> 14. That Eton Boy wear a red sunhat whilst competing. <br /> 15. That any President of a University club who loses to a woman, be required to repeat the course wearing nothing but gold socks and other clothes (if any) at the sole discretion of his adversary. <br /> 16. That any of the above rules may be amended or disregarded without notice at the sole discretion of RTT. <br /> <br /> RTT <br /> Griffith Elder Office<br /> April 16th, 2003</p><div align="right"><font size="-1"><a href="#top">^ top</a></font></div><hr>
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