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May Bumps 2003

5th men's VIII

Coxed by: Honey Duan

Bumped Corpus III
As we were warming up in the Boathouse, we commented how much easier life would be if Corpus III broke their boat, or some other calamity, on the way to the start line. Baz immediately set to work meditating and sending out negative vibes.
After marshalling we were told that Corpus III hadn't turned up, so our race consisted of about 10 strokes or so- although we did make a challenge of pulling in quickly and tidily.

A valuable lesson learnt: don't piss Baz off. (Jim)
Overbumped by LMBC V
Corpus III failed to turn up again so the Robinson boat two places behind us 'bumped' straight away and left a clear river behind us. Caius IV in front of us seemed to be about as bad as we were and we held station with them (according to the people on the bank). Sadly we never really relaxed and as a result the LMBC fellows' boat closed the gap between us upsettingly quickly and overbumped us near the start of the reach. (Andrew Smith)
Bumped Corpus III
Corpus again failed to show up so we had our second 15 second race of the week. This is turning into a very bizarre week. I'm not sure what to expect tomorrow, I think rowing over might be the most likely outcome but who knows. (Andrew Smith)
Bumped by Corpus III
If Corpus III had actually turned up with this crew for the first three days, they would have stood a good chance of blading.
They were definitely better than us, and despite a clean start, our boatspeed was no match. Starting from the motorway bridge they caught us just before First Post corner.
An interesting set of results though... (Jim)

1. Near the end
2. In the shade at the ...
3. A few seconds after ...

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