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May Bumps 2003

1st women's VIII

Coxed by: Alex Lee

Rowed over
We had an absolutely amazing row despite a last-minute crew change! The warm up couldn't really have been much better and the practice start was probably one of the best we've ever done. The actual start was just as gutsy and set us up for a solid and neat row down the whole course, easily holding Robinson off and closing at times to within a length of Queens'. After such a smashing row, things are looking good for the rest of bumps! Ra ra! (Alex)
Rowed over
Lots and lots of lengths ahead of Binson... well done!! (Dubya)
Bumped CCAT
Got the bump just after grassy, lucky to get it as Darwin crashed at the corner and in fact had Alex not steered for the bump (there was plenty of overlap so this was fine), we would probably have ended up with a rowover. Well done to Alex and the whole crew. (Dubya)

1. Practice start at th...
2. Practice start
3. Passing the Plough

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