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Clare Novice Regatta, Mich Term 2002

1st men's novice VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Honey Duan

1st round
Beat Queens A
A close race saw Queens hold 1st and 3rd down the reach. However, some questionable steering from the Queens cox resulted in a clash of blades. The Trinity rowers held their composure well, in contrast to the Queens men who reacted by collectively falling off their seats, allowing 1st and 3rd to pull away. Special congratulations to Honey for holding her nerve and line. (Matt C)
2nd round
Beat Robinson A
Robinson A seemed fairly strong, but they couldn't recover from a crab halfway down the reach, and a steady controlled row won the race for 1st and 3rd. (Matt C)
Quarter finals
Beat Pembroke A
We expected Pembroke A to be fast, and they proved this by pulling out half a length with an impressive push down the reach. Rather less impressive (although infinitely more amusing) was the way they slammed into the bank just beyond the railway bridge, allowing 1st and 3rd to row past for a comfortable win. (Matt C)
Semi finals
Lost to Fitzwilliam A
The crews stayed together off the start, and enhanced the feeling of togetherness by crashing into each other halfway down the reach. Having extricated themselves from the carnage, 1st and 3rd went on to pull out a lead, before Fitz once again demonstrated their kamikaze streak by hitting us once again. Although 1st and 3rd crossed the line first, the umpires demonstrated their unwillingness to penalise Fitz's dangerous driving and ordered a re-row instead.

The rerow was downstream from the railway bridge to Ditton. In contrast to the first race, there was no prospect of a crash, but this didn't stop the marshals blowing their whistles and shouting at our perfect line all the way down the course. Attempting to respond to the marshals' inexplicable commands put us into the bank just before the finish, and allowed Fitz to claim the re-row by a short canvas.

This was an incredibly disappointing result - all the more so as Fitz went on to win the final - but the whole crew can be justifiably proud of the performance. Roll on Fairbairns! (Matt C)

1. Storming Up The Reach

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