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May Bumps 2002

3rd men's VIII

Coxed by: Chris Pedder

Bumped Jesus III
Things were pretty even off the start, but once we strode and pushed into the motorway bridge we started to catch up with Jesus III, bumping them by First Post Corner. (Matt C)
A good race. We did not make an optimum start with Peterhouse II gaining half a length and Jesus III pulling away. By the time we strode things were more how we expected with Peterhouse losing a substantial distance to us. The whistle started to be blown at the Motorway Bridge and Jesus III were rowed down at First Post Corner with Peterhouse at least 3-4 lengths behind us.

Fitz II tomorrow, who have been bumped and were in a pack Jesus were gaining on. Bring them on! (Michael)
Bumped Fitzwilliam II
Managed to get them before 1st Post corner, good solid row. (E.P. Peacock)
Bumped Sidney Sussex II
Wicked race. we wound to 46, strode down to 39 comfortably held it there and had them by first post. Bring on Girton! (Daniel)
We gathered that Sidney II were a fast crew, but would crack under pressure. A good fast start winding to 46 had the desired effect and they reluctantly conceded halfway between the motorway bridge and 1st post corner. (E.P. Peacock)
We thought Sidney II would be in a different league to the previous two boats. They had entered several races and did well. We overestimated them. With the fastest start I've ever made in a boat we had taken a quarter of length from them before we had finished our wind and a bump followed several lengths before First Post Corner.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Girton II fancy their chances against a slow Selwyn II ahead of us, but if we manage a start half as good as today that will be academic. (Michael)
Our best race yet, my best ever. With reference to the rating of 39 I am proud to report that we also had some cover. (Rob)
Rowed over
Not as good a start as friday, but still not bad and had only half a length or so on girton coming into first post corner and then they bumped the muppets in front of them. anyway due to our proximity to their tail we had to stop before we plowed into them. this enabled the sidney crew behind to close to within a length or so before we took off again after the overbump. not sure why but we didnt quite row as well as we had been and although we closed to about 2 lengths off we couldnt finish it. (Dan)
We had to easy in the gut when Girton bumped out in front of us. It is hard to quantify the delay this caused but Sidney II who started behind us and were well back got quite close. It think we lost a length or two and so without a delay we would have had a good chance of overbumping Downing III. However, in the event we were not quick enough. (Rob)
when we stopped in the gut, sidney really gained on us and the previously unlikely prospect of being bumped seemed about to happen. we made a scrappy restart, but the rest of the race was difficult and demoralising. (E.P. Peacock)

1. Bumping in First Pos...
2. Entering the Gut
3. Goodson congratulates

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