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Mich Term 2022

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1st men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowBogdan Zviazhynski
2Isaac Flanagan
3Xander Povey
4Krisztian Hunter
5George Mears Mears
6Thomas Frith
7Matthew Yoko
strCsongor Beke
coxConnor Wood
1st women's VIII
in Queen Elizabeth I
bowGabrielle Doyle
2Anne Schreuder
3Polly Shorrock
4Hannah Herbert-Owen
5Philippa Stokes
6Florence Layburn
7Matilda Watts
strSophie Harper
coxEmily Man
2nd men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowThomas Gaertner
2Andrew Farquharson
3Toby Collins
4Vimal Kamath
5Sebastian Malik
6Máté Fehér
7Oscar Allen
strAlexander Dent
coxSteph Lewis
1st men's novice VIII
in Black Prince
bowAndrey Karailiev
2Rhys Lewis
3Igor Medvedev
4James Keating
5Ronald Doboš
6Iwo Pilecki-Silva
7Oli Lee
strRossoneri Jing
coxKian Moshiri
1st women's novice VIII
bowJudith Kravitzch
2Zara Bek
3Tilly Aldridge
4Amelie Schroder
5Hajna Williams
6Charlotte Fischer
7Emma Janssen
strQingyue Zhang
coxJames Quayle
2nd men's novice VIII
in Black Prince
bowDan Murphy
2Gevorg Martirosyan
3Gianpaolo Ruju
4Bálint Tóth
5Jos Torge
6Giovanni Taffarello
7Matthew Smith
strJun Keun Choi
2nd women's novice VIII
bowJudy Chen
2Florence Singer
3Cindy Zeng
4Miranda Lepri
5Eleanor Foster
6Aisling Coase
7Clare Frances
strWeishi Chen
coxNaman Bhardwaj
3rd men's novice VIII
bowAady Nagarajan
2James Sarkies
3Brian Peng
4Kai Chen
5Ben Mays
6Rakesh Arul
7Gareth Goh
strFrederic Barth
coxBarbara Sumić
bowJoe Morgan
2Philip Hartfield
3Aaron Aabai
strBen Mays
coxHolly Webster

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