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How will First and Third ladies do at the Women's Eights Head?
Top 50  3%
Top 100  12%
Top 150  61%
Top 200  27%
Best Cambridge College crew  3%
Top 5 Cambridge College crews  76%
Overtake more crews than overtake them  24%
Fail to make it to the start line (injury/illness/traffic in Putney/boat blown off trailer)  12%
Sink  6%
Blade clash  45%
Get under the 2nd lampost at Hammersmith Bridge  39%
Total: 33 members' votes
by Aileen - Sun 29th Feb 2004, 8:03pm
By getting under the lampost at Hammersmith, do you mean getting there as part of the racing line or getting that far and stopping?
by Dan - Sun 29th Feb 2004, 9:27pm
I can only hope that it was meant in the racing line sense. however if you think that it is likely that youll stop at hammersmith bridge then perhaps we need to add another option to make this more explicit!
by jpd - Sun 29th Feb 2004, 10:15pm
Simon said: How will First and Third ladies do at the Women's Eights Head?
Top 150: 75%
Top 200: 25%
So we think that P(Top 150) > P(Top 200)?
by Ingers - Sun 29th Feb 2004, 11:22pm
I need to know who is in this crew before I vote. Also, how many entries are there?
by dw229 - Sun 29th Feb 2004, 11:48pm
It's quite obvious Jon: there's a negative probability of them coming in the places 151-200.
by Simon - Mon 1st Mar 2004, 9:28am
There's a record entry of 278 crews (which just goes to show how stuffed BPBC men are when you think we're starting 362nd in the men's event).

I did mean get under the lampost in the racing line sense...

If someone could oblige and put the crew list up in the results section then that would be very useful. And obviously good luck to the crew - lets hope it warms up!
by Dubya - Mon 1st Mar 2004, 1:21pm
isn't it a lamp post or lamppost, anything but a lampost?
by Jo S - Sat 6th Mar 2004, 7:58pm
Well... we dont know how we actually did, but i can tell you that those of you who voted for blade clash, 2nd lamp-post or overtaking more than overtaken by are all winners. We achieved all 3. We overtook 4 crews, were overtaken by none, blade clashed with Emma B and Honeys steering was impeccable. She is clearly a reformed character.
by Jo S - Sat 6th Mar 2004, 7:59pm
Oh, and we didnt sink, despite the best efforts of a passing launch.
by Anything to do with being short - Sat 6th Mar 2004, 11:27pm
113th, in a time of 21:15.7 - beat Maggie by a glorious 2 seconds. Well done.

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