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Lent Bumps 2023

2nd men's VIII

Coxed by: Kian Moshiri

Bumped by Emmanuel II

We got bumped just after Newnham bridge.

Following on from a long chat in our crew pasta the night before, we started the day off with a crew huddle all pledging to hurt ourselves and to giving everything we could to bump today and make a step to restore our damaged reputations, unfortunately it wasn’t to be today.

We set off very quick and within a minute had got a whistle on Darwin, unfortunately Emma got a whistle on us at the same time. We both dug in and we surged forward to ¾ of a length off Darwin. Emma were just quicker and went all out, they got a second whistle on us and went for it, they then caught us within another minute. We were deflated however we felt happy knowing we gave all we could and were caught by a faster crew. We had given a much better performance than on Tuesday.

(Andrew Farquharson)
Technical row over

Today was the third day of our campaign. In the morning the message came out that the Cam had burst its banks on the far side of Jesus lock, we thought it would be ok as it hadn’t reached the boathouse. At half 10 we got the message that the Cam was burst beside all the boat clubs. I decided to skip the second half of my (extremely boring) comms lecture to investigate. The river was halfway to our boat house however the towpath was still passable as far as the P+E. We pulled together as a club sourcing wellie boots for the crews to get the boats into the river, with our captain buying four new pairs for us to use. Xander later informed us that the water had risen so much over the hour I was there it was over the top of his wellie boots.

There was a great sense of camaraderie within the club, the weather had brought us all together. We assumed that the race would go ahead and headed back to college, our boatman told us about an emergency pontoon to help us boat. After kitting up those of us congregating in the bar had our worst fears realised – the river was red flagged and all bumps were cancelled, a historic moment.

We had mixed feelings as we wanted to race and W1&W2 were on track for blades however we knew that M1 had now avoided spoons. We all resolved to give it our all tomorrow where we are going to reverse our fortunes.

(Andrew Farquharson)

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