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Lent Bumps 2023

The famous Cambridge University Bumps on the River Cam
Tue 7th - Sat 11th March

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Results Overview

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1st men's VIII Bumped by Magdalene Bumped by Trinity Hall Technical row over Bumped by Clare
1st women's VIII Bumped Christ's Bumped Clare Technical row over Bumped Churchill
2nd men's VIII Overbumped by Wolfson Bumped by Emmanuel II Technical row over Bumped by Jesus II
2nd women's VIII Bumped Clare Hall Bumped Sidney Sussex II Technical row over Technical row over

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Double Overbumped
Overbumped - hit the crew 3 in front
Bumped the crew in front
Row over head of division
Row over - did not bump
Got Bumped
Got Overbumped
Got Double overbumped
Got Triple overbumped. D'oh.

1st men's VIII

Bumped by Magdalene
Magdelene are simply just a faster crew than us. With every stroke we could see them gaining on us, and getting the bump in the gut. We roughly stayed 'on station' with Jesus ahead of us.  (Krisztian Hunter)
Bumped by Trinity Hall
I’m writing this over a week after the race, so my recollection will necessarily be slightly off. 

As much as I would love to say that we set off to bump today, we actually set off to overbump or row over (believing that overbumping Pembroke would be easier than bumping Magdalene before they bumped Jesus). Of course, race preparation was not helped by Toby cheerfully announcing that he lost his sense of smell and taste that morning, which set us slightly on edge.

It was pretty rainy at marshalling, despite the fact that we were under the A14 bridge (see William Connolley’s video on this for visual feedback), but the cannon was not as loud as we had been warned about. 

As per usual, we went off hard (I believe I heard “42 strokes a minute boys!” from Connor), and while Trinity Hall closed to about three-quarters of a length by First Post - note that this may be entirely fictional at this point - (possibly helped by a sneaky captain’s crustacean), they didn’t manage to close further until the Plough, eventually bumping us just round Ditton (again with a crustacean paving the way). 

I felt that we had it in us to row over. I don’t know why we didn’t. Apologies all.
(Thomas Frith)
Technical row over
All racing today was cancelled. Allegedly this was because there was too much water in the river (a phenomenon which surely ought to help, rather than hinder, rowing) but, based on my sunny walk along the course when racing should have been happening, I suspect the real reason was that the weather conditions were deemed to be too pleasant for Lents.
(Chris E.)
Bumped by Clare
When the crew pasta the night before includes a crew covid test, you know that things are getting wild! 

Toby decides at 1pm that he should probably not row, and the wonderful Isaac Flanagan comes and subs, only to be horrified at the number of strokes required to marshal.

Getting the boat into the water felt like the Tideway. That is, we needed wellies, with water a third of the way up the hard. (Credit should be given to Rosie, Bella and Thomas G for helping here, saving us plenty of effort).

Conditions were rather difficult, and marshalling was difficult in the extreme. There was severe debate about whether Bumps should have gone ahead today, and I think that the conditions were too bad. Darwin W1 were pushed onto the weir at Baitsbite trying to marshal, and in general crews seemed really to struggle. 

Bomber had lengthened our blades, with a race plan of “To The Railings!” - with the idea being that we could catch Trinity Hall. It was not to be. Clare were faster than us and caught us in the gut. It was however, the first bumps race where I was aware of anything happening distance-wise before we passed First Post. I don’t know how best to explain this, but usually I only really begin to be aware of landmarks after entering the gut (even when we start on station 12…), and yet on that day this was not the case. All the racing was incredibly slow compared to usual, in the face of an absurd stream.

I am writing this just after we scratched from HoRR, as our crew is collectively too ill to race. What we have dubbed “Tobyvirus” has taken its toll, and at least one member of the crew failed to leave their room in eight days.

A weary campaign, but there was a lot of desire to do well.
(Thomas Frith)
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1st women's VIII

Bumped Christ's

Bumped Christs’ W1 somewhere down the reach. It took about eight and a half minutes I think. 

The first bump for W1 since 2019 was greeted with elation, and gave some members of the boat a sense of justice for Mays 2022 (I cannot comment given this was my first bumps race).

A strong start of rate 40.5, splits 1:40 allowed us to immediately pull away from Queens and begin gaining on Christs. I’m not entirely sure where the rate settled, but I think it was about rate 35-6 and we were going strong as we got our first whistle on Christs sometime after Newnham Bridge. The collective thought was ‘please let there be a second whistle’ and soon there was as we closed on the bow of Christs. Getting the third whistle took an age, it came at around the spinning zone on the reach and from there we knew we could do it, although the threat of rowing so hard to just row over was looming. Especially as Queens were nowhere close, I don’t remember seeing them at all at this point. 

The continuous whistle came at about the railings, and I could see the bowball of Christs out of the corner of my eye; the only thing that I could think was ‘please just steer into them’ as there was significant overlap for several strokes before our two-seat blade collided with their stern and their cox conceded the bump. 

It was a hard and exciting race, and nothing can compare to the feeling afterwards. (Thank you to our bank party for the leaves even if you did claim not to be our pet. Edit: he still claims not to be our pet). Tomorrow we go again and chase Clare, who were caught today by Churchill. 

(Zara Bek)

This was the most exciting race I’ve ever bank partied. There were four boats very close together with FaT at the back of the pack. I thought that Christs were going to bump before we got them however the women really dug in and kept pushing and managed to get the bump.

I returned their kit and got them leaves. Matilda lost hers so Zara asked me to get more, with Emma telling me I was a “good boy” to which I informed them I was not their pet – a fact they still seem to dispute.

(Andrew Farquharson)
Bumped Clare

Bumped Clare W1 on the corner to the reach. It took six and a half minutes and about two hundred strokes to bump Clare apparently- far quicker than yesterday.

Nerves were high as we knew Christs would not be happy after yesterday, and we were prepared to have a gruelling mental battle on our hands. Queens turned out to not be much of a threat yesterday and therefore the sense of being chased was not really present.

It wasn’t today either. Christs were nowhere to be seen.

Once again we started strong with a rating over 40, but were far more composed and together rather than rowing with raw aggression. It took slightly longer to get the first whistle, but once the second whistle came around Ditton we mentally locked in and rowed with our all. Sadly we were at two whistles for quite a while. Suddenly there was a third whistle, then continuous, then a bump just as we were turning towards the reach. Elation gave way to parking in the reeds on the meadow side. Oops. 

The row home was some of the best and more excitable paddling we’ve ever done; a chat with our coach and we learnt that Clare were very close to bumping Churchill and he was afraid they’d get the bump before we did. Which only served to encourage us with the knowledge we have the ability to catch Churchill tomorrow.  Overall our rowing was much more together and less frantic; a good sign that we can actually stay calm and use some technique. 

Note on the conditions: Yesterday it snowed, today it rained all day and was absolutely freezing. I raced in three layers both days and at points was struggling to feather and square due to a lack of feeling in my hands. I really hope my coat dries before tomorrow.

(Zara Bek)
Technical row over
Rain, Rain and Snow meant the banks had overflowed and the river had too much of a stream for bumps to go ahead and therefore this day was abandoned. This is incredibly unfortunate for W1 given the chance for blades was still very there however we are excited for tomorrow with just as much enthusiasm to get Churchill.
Also known as: Rain, Rain, Rain bit too much rain, too much river, too little bank. No row

With the river having bursts its banks and a club-wide scramble for kit, wellies, foil blankets and hats going on, today is going to be chaotic. 

The above was written before racing was cancelled. Sad vibes and a BA room ‘study session’ followed.

(Zara Bek)
Bumped Churchill
After consultations with the steering committee, W1 were awarded blades for this campaign at the subsequent AGM on the 15th May. (Thomas Frith)

Bumped Churchill after the plough.

A day filled with anxiety and uncertainty, waking up to the news that the water level was still higher than normal was highly unwelcome at crew photos at 07:20am. There was nothing we could do but wait, after stomp we went to Tatties and tried to ignore the sense of dread. 

News at 11:30 that the M4/W4 division was cancelled added to the sense of gloom, and the M3/W3 division being cancelled as W2 were preparing to boat was heartbreaking. But we knew that our division was still going ahead, and we knew that we could not let the atmosphere change our mentality.

Boat club spirit allowed us to get our boat out, thank you so much to Rosie who spent so many hours wet at the boat house helping all the other crews boat and deboat. We truly could not have raced without you. The stream was so strong we had to paddle to Jesus loch to spin, getting caught behind a houseboat and having to spend even longer trying not to drift on a stream that was more like the Tideway than the Cam. Emily did a fantastic job of steering us to marshalling, where we ended up on the wrong side of the bank, but we had made it.

A special thank you to Downing shouting ‘FaT you’re getting fined’ as we tried to make sure every member of our crew was ok after a medical issue. Enjoy your technical spoons and ‘Downing W1 - Failure to row on upon being bumped - £30’ it looks like you were the ones getting fined. 

Anticipation was high, nerves were all around. But we knew it was not beyond our capabilities, even if yesterday had made things feel so much more nerve wracking. We had beaten Churchill at WEHORR by thirty seconds the week before, and we knew we had the speed to catch them, even if they were not going to make it easy for us. They gave us an excruciating chase. 

Off the start we could see Clare hotly pursuing us, but if Clare were close then Churchill were closer. I do not remember where the first or the second whistles came, just that we moved to three whistles quicker than previous days. We had overlap for over a minute, the whistle went from continuous back to three, back to continuous. Our bow skipped over their stern we think four times, and I swear I felt a bump significantly before we actually bumped. Churchill gave their all and their mentality was admirable. Pure elation followed the bump after the pure agony of getting it, and it has left us hungry for more. 

Thank you again to Rosie for helping us boat and deboat, and thank you to our faithful bankparties for carrying our kit and providing the much-needed encouragement. 

(And thank you to William Connolley for filming our bump.

(Zara Bek)
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2nd men's VIII

Bumped by Emmanuel II

We got bumped just after Newnham bridge.

Following on from a long chat in our crew pasta the night before, we started the day off with a crew huddle all pledging to hurt ourselves and to giving everything we could to bump today and make a step to restore our damaged reputations, unfortunately it wasn’t to be today.

We set off very quick and within a minute had got a whistle on Darwin, unfortunately Emma got a whistle on us at the same time. We both dug in and we surged forward to ¾ of a length off Darwin. Emma were just quicker and went all out, they got a second whistle on us and went for it, they then caught us within another minute. We were deflated however we felt happy knowing we gave all we could and were caught by a faster crew. We had given a much better performance than on Tuesday.

(Andrew Farquharson)
Technical row over

Today was the third day of our campaign. In the morning the message came out that the Cam had burst its banks on the far side of Jesus lock, we thought it would be ok as it hadn’t reached the boathouse. At half 10 we got the message that the Cam was burst beside all the boat clubs. I decided to skip the second half of my (extremely boring) comms lecture to investigate. The river was halfway to our boat house however the towpath was still passable as far as the P+E. We pulled together as a club sourcing wellie boots for the crews to get the boats into the river, with our captain buying four new pairs for us to use. Xander later informed us that the water had risen so much over the hour I was there it was over the top of his wellie boots.

There was a great sense of camaraderie within the club, the weather had brought us all together. We assumed that the race would go ahead and headed back to college, our boatman told us about an emergency pontoon to help us boat. After kitting up those of us congregating in the bar had our worst fears realised – the river was red flagged and all bumps were cancelled, a historic moment.

We had mixed feelings as we wanted to race and W1&W2 were on track for blades however we knew that M1 had now avoided spoons. We all resolved to give it our all tomorrow where we are going to reverse our fortunes.

(Andrew Farquharson)
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2nd women's VIII

Bumped Clare Hall
A rapid start to my first bumps race, with FaT W2 bumping Clare Hall W1 in around 200m.
We wound it high off the start, then wound it even higher.
Naman took an excellent line around the not-really-a-corner between the lock and the A14 bridge which gained us half a length, and we bumped just before the bridge.
It was all over so quickly that Bomber didn't even have time to use all his whistle signals.

Tomorrow we're chasing Sidney W2, let's go get them!
I am going to write a race report as long as our race.
(Lily Kearney)
Bumped Sidney Sussex II
Bomber's instructions today were to go out at a more sustainable, taking a ratio call after 15 strokes. He said we should settle into a rhythm and overhaul them slowly.
We went out with every intention of doing this, but we sort of forgot the rhythm call. We're very sorry Bomber, we did intend to do what we were told!

We made it around 350/400m down the course before we had 3 whistles, and then got the bump in the middle of first post reach.
I looked round to see what was in front as I got the boat to clear, and for the second day running found mild to moderate chaos in the bows of the boat.
A combination of the choppy water and the actual bump itself had lead to an impressive scale of crab, and some people didn't realise we'd actually bumped, thinking instead that something had gone wrong.
We parked the boat, clarified that we had infact bumped up, and began rapidly putting 5 layers of warm kit back on.
In the general excitement I forgot to call 3 cheers for Sidney (Sorry Sidney), so we had to do it about 45 minutes later when we rowed past their boathouse.
I'd also like to apologise to Lily, because apparently I spent the entire race shovelling river onto her head and so she was incredibly cold. 

All in all, an excellent day out in the snow, we get the day off on Thursday and then we're chasing Newnham III on Friday

Technical row over
All rowing cancelled due to the river bursting its banks.
We spent a profitable afternoon 'studying' instead, better known as playing chess and laughing about various things.
We're hoping for less river and more rowing tomorrow.
Technical row over
For the second day running, we were part way through our warm-up when news came through that our division had been cancelled.
We were all gutted, but ultimately safety must come first and the conditions were not good.

A massive well done to everyone who raced this week, and to everyone that turned up to race only for it to be cancelled.
A particular shout-out to Ruby who flew in from France specially, just for her race to get cancelled.

Mays here we come!
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Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the following information, note that the results are unofficial.

Men's bumps charts

Men's bumps chart, Lent Bumps 2023

Women's bumps charts

Women's bumps chart, Lent Bumps 2023

Michell Cup points

Hughes Hall24.00
Trinity Hall12.00
Lucy Cavendish4.00
1st and 3rd-9.00
Sidney Sussex-18.00
St. Catharine's-33.00

Ineligible after entering fewer than 3 crews:

Clare Hall0.00
St. Edmund's-12.00
Murray Edwards-36.00

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