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Peterborough Sprint Regatta, May Term 2009

1st women's VIII (WIM3)

Coxed by: Mark McKelvie

Time: 1:40
Very scrappy rowing (to match the weather), but the power was still going down and we finished about a length clear (Rachel)
Scrappy racing. The weather was windy and rainy and we caught multiple mini crabs down the course. We only really won by brute force. (Mark)
Technique-wise one of the worst rows we had so far as a whole crew. Being frozen solid for the start didn't really help, nor did the heavy rain or the substantial cross-/tail-wind. On the positive side, it was probably the most committed row so far as well. Everybody pretty much ignored the weather, the pain, the cold muscles and the fact that we were down on the other crews from the start, and gave it all to win it back. It's this sort of commitment that we want for our races this week, just combined with better rowing! (Ulrike)
Sloppy start and finish, with a brief bit of decent rowing in the middle. At least we managed to power through it and win our heat by a significant margin. A surprisingly fast result, though certainly some of that was due to the big tail wind. (Laura)
Time: 1:43
We went into this one being more relaxed having seen that our time was fastest from the heats. We rowed much better and it really felt like we were moving together. Again we won by about a length and hopefully this is the sort of rowing that we'll be taking into next week! (Rachel)
After a break of several hours, and having got our bad row out of the way, we rowed a lot better in the 2nd race. There was now no tailwind and it had stopped raining and the technique felt a lot more fluid and together.

The start was OK, soon getting ahead of Star BC and by the halfway point we were slowly moving up on Cantabs to beat them by a length. If we row like this in Bumps then there will be a good battle mid-division. (Mark)
Most possible contrast to the first one. Still lots of commitment, but this time together. Most enjoyable row in a long time! (Ulrike)
Great row, and a huge improvement over the morning race. (Our time was slightly slower due to the lack of tail wind during the finals.) Mark's cox box wasn't registering a rating, but after watching a video clip, we saw that we averaged over 40spm for at least half the race! Let's do this again for bumps! (Laura)

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