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Pembroke Regatta, Lent Term 2009

2nd men's VIII (2nd division)

Coxed by: Sonya Milanova

1st round
Beat Clare II by a couple of lengths
Got a length ahead off the start and sat there until near the end, spacking along at 37 with no real rhythm or power. (Alasdair)
Quarter finals
Beat Christ's II by a couple of lengths
Again, we quickly gained a length and pulled away too slowly, but this one was much better, a lot more cohesion and power in the boat. If Sonya's recording is to be believed it was about 15s faster than the first race. (Alasdair)
Semi finals
Beat Jesus II by a couple of lengths
This one was against tougher opposition, but they didn't set off straight and so again we took an early lead and slowly stretched it out. The standard of rowing was again better than that of the previous race. (Alasdair)
This was to be the most difficult race of the day. Luckily their inability to steer even remotely straight off the start gave us a lead we eventually extended (more by sheer determination than good rowing). We beat them fair and square - without any 'cheating' by having peter in the boat or whoever all these supposed m1 rowers are.
Bring on the last week of training and hopefully we will kick some first eights' asses in Bumps.
And big thanks to Tom and Tom for coaching, Neil for keeping the boys dry and warm and everyone else cheering us on the bank. (Sonya)
Beat Magdalene II by many lengths
Our strongest performance of the day. We took a length quickly and steadily pulled further and further ahead over the rest of the course.

All in all this was a deeply unpleasant day, but we made a lot of progress. Thanks to Coker for coaching the first race, Tom Rose for coaching everything and Neil for bringing dry kit (definitely the highlight of the day). (Alasdair)

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