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Wallingford Head, Mich Term 2008

1st men's VIII (S3 8+)

Coxed by: Emma Salgård Cunha

31st overall, 5th of 13 in S3 - 31st of 104 men's VIIIs
Time: 17:02.37
We left Cambridge an hour before dawn. The venue had been reduced to a mudbath, much like Henley last year but colder. I didn't enjoy it at all, except the mysterious dark toilet where we had to "hold it for each other".

The rowing, however, was quite fun. I don't think there was a race plan, we just set off at 32 and gradually settled into disparity. Beautifully simple. The result is pleasant enough, one might prefer not to lose to school second eights, but we did keep the colleges at bay.

It's also good practice for Fairbairns. With the heavyweights back on board we'll be shifting some. Much gratitude to the subs, especially Laff who answered the call of duty at very short notice and took 42 minutes off his PB. (Tom C)

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