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Champion of the Thames Eights Head, May Term 2008

2nd men's VIII (Men's 1st Div. Mays)

Coxed by: Emma Salgård Cunha

6th fastest college VIII, fastest 2nd VIII
Time: 4:36.1
Not a bad race all in all. Two subs into the five and six seats is never ideal, but in the end we dealt with it very well. (Cheers for helping out lads!)

Some nice confident paddling on the way down and the starts were looking less disastrous than Friday's attempts. In the race the start was ok, rating a little higher than planned (what do we expect with Mr Canada in the stroke seat). About as tidy as could have been expected. We dealt with the corner well, emerging at rate 37 with catches intact.

The reach was hit and miss. Kept the rating on target til around 2 minutes where we sagged briefly - some committed pushes resurrected the rate and a 'bow-four catches' call worked wonders to pick us up under the railway bridge.

The last minute was a hard slog, bringing the rating up to 38 by virtue of a lot of grunting and wheezing. The stroke side lean grew progressively as technique began to fall apart...

Although it wasn't exactly a comfortable race, I'm pleased with this result. Its good to find out our limits. We're in a good position to move things on again technically in outings this week. Good job lads. (Emma)
An excellent result, considering we were missing the experience and aerodynamism of the Doctor. But I don't know what Jesus did to beat us to most impressive start; maybe we didn't shout loud enough. (Tom C)

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