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Head of the Cam, May Term 2008

2nd men's VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Emma Salgård Cunha

11th fastest crew, 2nd fastest 2nd VIII
Time: 9:20
An odd mix, this crew, but fun to row with. We were struggling at 'high' rates, although by some minor miracle we didn't pull off the full epileptic spider impression we'd perfected the day before.

Start was a pretty relaxed 32 (ahem... being a little unfit I remained relaxed for the entire course) and some blades occasionally went in at the front end. Pembroke had set off in front, and coupled with a blustery wind it was quite choppy on first post. We must have struggled valiantly to sit the boat for a good four or five strokes before giving up. Okay, okay! It wasn't too bad, and I still have all my fingers.

An excellent gentlemen's agreement for the corners saw Leadbetter take some great lines, and we launched into an exuberant plough reach push after Grassy. We were surprisingly disciplined and made the most of the calmer water, even when Maggie stormed round Grassy. They were clearly closing, but the heads didn't go down.

In fact, we had a bit of luck on the reach and Madge never made the most of their aggressive start - certainly we'd discussed beforehand the possibility of having to concede an overtake. Pembroke's composites had struggled a bit, and I couldn't stop myself shouting out (almost too joyfully) that we could push to overtake. This led to some much more committed rowing in the boat and we finally pushed clear just after Morley's Holt, leaving the reds behind as well. With quads a-burning we wound for the finish.

Which was a shame as the race was not to the P&E as the instructions said, it was to top finish. And so we had to keep pushing for an extra fifty. Perhaps if this happens in the future we could call the extra bit a 'Spartan 300'?

The result itself was pretty pleasing. A lot of 'untapped potential' (our slide control and catches are embarrassing in their absence) and yet we're on a par or faster than the crews around us in the bumps. Apart from Fitz. Who are two below us. Fingers crossed for a bit of luck and a bumping grid! (Dan)

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