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May Bumps 2007

4th men's VIII

Coxed by: Sarah Pitt

Rowed over
Good first day from the grad boys. Set off hard and established a solid rythym. Got inside station on Corpus II but sadly LMBC IV fell apart and then took it wide round grassy before falling to Corpus just after the corner.

The boys and Sarah were keen to have a crack at the overbump but prevented by carnage.

Pembroke III were never a threat and fell back to about 8 lengths behind before conceding the overbump to Wolfson II. (C.S.Dunleavy)
Bumped LMBC IV
Congratulations on regaining the 4th VIII headship. (Matt)
Moved up pretty swiftly on LMBC IV, but were also under pressure from Wolfson II who had overbumped yesterday. Held it together and thankfully bumped LMBC IV entering the Gut. Caused a lot of carnage though! (Martin P)
Rowed over
Complete and utter bollocks. Our best piece yet spoiled by amateur carnage. If Corpus escape us all week on technicalities, it will be criminal. (Nick)
Bumped by Wolfson II
Preemptively disqualified by a Nazi field marshall ... technical bump awarded to a boat full of fat men who couldn't avoid hitting our stationary boat on the bank ... and those hacks in front get a technical row over for crashing.

What can you even begin to say?

Only in this best of all possible worlds could a trash boat like Corpus M2 get away with what they got away with this week. Personally, I'm doing a PhD just to come back and sort them out next year. I honestly think we rowed well enough to get blades had it not been for so much dreadful luck. All in all, not bad for a bunch of out-of-shape drunks. (Nick)

1. No life jacket means...
2. Wolfson II make a B-...
3. Spot the lifejacket ...

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