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May Term 2007

Single sculls

Bedford Small Boats Head (Novice Sculls), SFP in his single scull

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Maiden Sculls (Women's), JRA in a single scull

Semi finals
lost to Richie (Jesus) by 11s
Time: 2:21
Embarrassingly bad. After spending every morning for the past two weeks ensuring I could row the course without crabbing or falling in, at firm pressure and a higher-than-paddling rate, whilst maintaining a reasonably straight line and steering around the non-existent bend without veering into the middle, I succumbed to a combination of nerves and unexpectedly strong head wind and managed to steer a slalom course involving many frantic half-crabbed steering strokes, and generally row like a completely spacky muppet. The only "good" thing was that despite under-rating the opposition by several pips, I was still in touch, and had I rowed at all decently, might have had a chance to take her when she steered for the bank just before the finish. Possibly. Instead I mistakenly wound it down about 10 strokes before the finish, thus ensuring that any official margin will be even worse than otherwise. (Jane)
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Maiden Sculls (Men's), JRK in his single scull

1st round
beat Schramm (Fitz) by 1.5L
Time: 2:12
Not coming to frontstops at any point during the race and rating a good 5 pips higher than the opposition was an excellent tactic; the other lad didnt know what'd hit him before John crossed the line.

Nice one =D (Jij)
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Women's Championship Sculls, JMAS in a single scull

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Women's Championship Sculls, HER in a single scull

Semi finals
beat Borchers (Clare Hall) easily
Time: 9:10
Borchers had been tipped on the message boards, but a good clean row saw a very comfortable victory. (BJ)
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Fairbairn Junior Sculls, JMAS in a single scull

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Fairbairn Junior Sculls, TDC in his single scull

1st round
beat Thomas (Emma) by 7s
Time: 8:07
The gospel according to STCS said I had to win this fairly comfortably. I didn't. Over confident, I cruised and went down a length in the first minute.
Still believing, I kept going and took it up a pip out of grassy, won the race in the third 500, and spacked it up to 35 through the final headwind. (Tom C)
Quarter finals
beat Constantine-Cort (Jesus) easily
It feels a bit lonely starting on bottom station without a bank party. He must have struggled a bit with steering, and very kindly let me overtake when he was parked opposite the Plough. (Tom C)
That's only because your bank party is usually so noisy. (Dan)
Semi finals
lost to Hollinshead (Jesus) by 12s
Time: 8:36
I wasn't too fresh after a hard race in the double about half an hour beforehand, so I went down quite heavily in the first 500. Didn't change much in the middle, and I was (allegedly) 6 seconds down at the Plough. He took Ditton better than me, and being on top station I had an extra 100 yards of headwind to deal with, so the race was effectively over with 500 to go. I wound hard for the finish and pulled some distance back, but it wasn't enough. Not at all.

Some days you race better people and lose. Some people say there's no shame in this, but they're dead wrong. I didn't lose in 8 minutes, I lost in 8 months. Must do weights. (Tom C)

1. Now if only he'd bee...
2. Tom looks a bit tire...

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Colquhouns (Open 1x), TDC in his single scull

Quarter finals
lost to Pascovitch (Jesus) by crashing
Particularly frustrating as Pascovitch went on to win and certainly didn't appear to be significantly faster. A slight confusion on calls between sculler and steerer (I'd never banksteered Tom before) led to my parking him on the inside of First Post Corner. Sorry Tom. Next time I'll remember that 'AWAY HARD!' call... (BJ)
Next time I'll look over my shoulder. By the time I got clear of the bank he had overlap and was asking if he could come by. I wasn't having any of that, and carried on as fast as I could in the naive hope that he might crash at some point.

The only small consolation is that my 8.07 on Monday was the fastest time recorded. Whether I had a chance to win I'll never know, but actually I don't care. I hadn't realised just how terrible my bladework was until I watched Helen's race, and there wouldn't be much pleasure in winning purely cos I have the biggest arms. (Tom C)
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Head of the Cam (Novice 1x), TDC in his single scull

Winner of Men's Novice 1x
Time: 10:55
Fancied another run out after the unsatisfying conclusion to small boats. This time I went solo and looked over my shoulder occasionally, which worked pretty well until the last 300 (unsurprisingly). After I'd left a reasonable gap the start marshal told me to get a move on unless I thought I was significantly faster than the chap in front. So to avoid looking like a tosser I set off. The first half was pretty smooth, but then I caught up with the wash and lost it a bit. By the finish I was only a few lengths down and thus the wind up was completely ineffectual. Anyway, I beat the 11 minute target, so I can leave pike alone for now. (Tom C)

1. Obviously an educate...
2. First post reach

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Twickenham Regatta (W VetA 1x), BPBC - E Booker

Semi finals
Won (4 lengths)
Time: 5:46
Looked quite comfortable from the bank. (Matt)

1. Emily paddling back
2. Paddling back after ...
3. Almost finished

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