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Colquhouns, May Term 2007

TDC in his single scull (Open 1x)

Single sculls
in Pike
Tom Coker
Quarter finals
lost to Pascovitch (Jesus) by crashing
Particularly frustrating as Pascovitch went on to win and certainly didn't appear to be significantly faster. A slight confusion on calls between sculler and steerer (I'd never banksteered Tom before) led to my parking him on the inside of First Post Corner. Sorry Tom. Next time I'll remember that 'AWAY HARD!' call... (BJ)
Next time I'll look over my shoulder. By the time I got clear of the bank he had overlap and was asking if he could come by. I wasn't having any of that, and carried on as fast as I could in the naive hope that he might crash at some point.

The only small consolation is that my 8.07 on Monday was the fastest time recorded. Whether I had a chance to win I'll never know, but actually I don't care. I hadn't realised just how terrible my bladework was until I watched Helen's race, and there wouldn't be much pleasure in winning purely cos I have the biggest arms. (Tom C)

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