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Maiden Sculls, May Term 2007

JRA in a single scull (Women's)

Single sculls
in Eel
Jane Allison
Semi finals
lost to Richie (Jesus) by 11s
Time: 2:21
Embarrassingly bad. After spending every morning for the past two weeks ensuring I could row the course without crabbing or falling in, at firm pressure and a higher-than-paddling rate, whilst maintaining a reasonably straight line and steering around the non-existent bend without veering into the middle, I succumbed to a combination of nerves and unexpectedly strong head wind and managed to steer a slalom course involving many frantic half-crabbed steering strokes, and generally row like a completely spacky muppet. The only "good" thing was that despite under-rating the opposition by several pips, I was still in touch, and had I rowed at all decently, might have had a chance to take her when she steered for the bank just before the finish. Possibly. Instead I mistakenly wound it down about 10 strokes before the finish, thus ensuring that any official margin will be even worse than otherwise. (Jane)

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