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Lent Term 2007

3rd women's VIII

Newnham Short Course (Lower VIIIs)

26th overall, 13th in division, 2nd fastest 3rd VIII
Time: 7:58
Beat two first eights (Churchill, Clare Hall) and two second eights (Clare, Peterhouse) - good work! (Erica)
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Pembroke Regatta (3rd division)

1st round
Beat Selwyn 3 by at least 4 lengths
A fairly decent start, but ended up spacking around a bit at a too high rating, although we pulled away at the start and never looked back. A good learning experience! (Charley)
I was so so so so so so so so excited by this - I knew you could do it, but it was whether you guys had the faith in yourselves and wanted it enough...and YOU DID!!!! Yay! (Lyns)
why oh why are there positive comments on this race?? LYNS???? in all honesty we looked wank, we randomly stopped after the bridge and generally had no consistant rhythm down the boat. All this race showed was that the Selwyn girls should never be allowed in a boat again. Luckily we got another go...... (nics)
Quarter finals
Beat Emma IV by 1 length
Much much better! A generally more controlled and committed race, felt pretty relaxed, and even though they took off faster they tired by the railway bridge and we were able to push off them and win fairly comfortably. Bodes well for Bumps (fingers crossed!) :) (Charley)
After the first win, I knew you'd want another - but it would be harder against Emma. Still, you did it. Absolutely awesome work girls. (Lyns)
Semi finals
Lost to Pembroke III by 2 lengths
Not quite as good as round 2 - not helped by my awesome knee failure/crab combo coming under the bridge - but still not too bad. I think we put our all into this one, and whilst it's obviously dissappointing to lose we have a lot of positives to take away from today and some solid high-rating race experience. Now we just have to put in the hard work this week and really focus on getting on... (Charley)
Shame, but you lost to the eventual winners who absolutely whipped the other finalists by about 5 lengths or something amusing. Good rowing and commitment today, but still plenty to work on. Don't lose that drive and keep the feeling of winning in your mind, and use it in next week's training so that you can get on next Fri and show everyone else just how amazing FaT W3 are. (Lyns)
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Lent Bumps Getting-on Race

Got on!
Amazing... we didn't believe it when we heard... we had to ring Erica to make sure it was true... and unbelievably it was (hence there was a lot of screaming!!!).

Today was amazing girls... "how much do you want it?" was the call... and we wanted it bad!

Lets go bump us some boats!!! (Narelle)
This is amazing!! We put the pressure down, we kept a really good rhythm and now we are in THE BUMPS!!! Not only that, we are officially the best Lent term 3rd womens EVER!!
This is what we worked for, now lets show em what Fat 3W can do!! (A. Sye)
OH MY GOD. SO SO SO PROUD! I knew you guys could do it, and even though I was banned from banking you guys (grrrr), I was yelling you on from the inside!
Go out there on Tues, row like you did today and do well. I get to talk all about you in my speech at the dinner so I want bumps galore!!!! Woooooooooooooo! (Lyns)
I am so proud of you, girls :o) You've worked so hard for this, you really deserve it! First EVER FaT W3 in the Lents!! (Erica)
Amelia, the reason you can't remember how long it's been is that this is the first ever appearance of a FaT W3 crew in the Lents!! Congrats all! (Have checked the bumps archives)
I think we managed to scare all of New Court with our massive scream when we found out! I'm so proud of us, all our hard work and dedication has paid off, now let's get ready to go and kick some ass next week :) We rowed the best we ever have today, so let's keep that going and keep pushing for Morris and doughnuts - I'll buy out Sainsbury's if it'll help! Just think about how much we want those water spades... (Charley)
we ruuuuuuuule :D:D

thanks to erica, christian, julijana, ulrike, rachel, iain, sorcs and MORRIS for being the most uber bank party - and infinite love and hugs to neil and the wlbcs (lyns, fran, amy, sorcs) for coaching us this term.

we did it, guys!! couldn't be prouder to be part of Fat W3 - bring on the BUMPS! (Kristina)
First time the third women have got on since...well I don't know when but it's a long time ago, if ever. Fantastic result. :) (Amelia)

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2. Coming into Grassy

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Lent Bumps

Bumped by Christ's II
A combination of wind and some, shall we say, "controversial" positioning led us straight into the bank by the third wind stroke. We managed to pull back and hold Christ's off at 1/4 length for what seemed like eternity, before they finally went for the bump just after the motorway bridge. It was a good row and I couldn't be prouder of us all for coping so well with what was just bad luck. Let's do it double tomorrow :D (Kristina)
I agree with Kristina - there are plenty of positives that we can take out of today's row, even though obviously we're pretty disappointed. We managed to hold off Christ's for quite a while as they never went in for the kill, which bodes well for tomorrow. We never really found our proper rhythm, but what we had felt OK from where I was, not too rushed, and we pulled together nicely for a decent push under the motorway bridge. The less said about the start the better - these things happen so we need to refocus and get ready to bump tomorrow! (Charley)
See you tomorrow Christ! (Alex)
I feel I probably should apologise to the crew for this one. The wind caught the bows and the chain went taut, skewing us round a bit. We ended up pointing a little towards the far bank and in trying to get round, we clipped strokeside blades on the foliage. After we were back together, Christ's had their first whistle, and closed on us going into the first corner. The gap closed to a few feet round the corner, but the girls pulled it together well to push off them for a while. We were finally hit just beyond the gunsheds. Disappointing for me in mucking up the push-off - especially given that Emma III ahead were potentially bumpable. Sorry, girls (Richard)
Rowed over
Looked pretty neat coming past first post corner! (Dubya)
Once again disappointed not to have cracked this Bumps thing but still a row to be proud of :) A MUCH better start than yesterday (i.e. rowing in water, not grass!) saw us gain a bit on Christs II, although they unfortunately pulled away and bumped Emma III pretty quickly, leaving us an almost clear river to just keep going...and going. Rowing over is a world of pain, especially in such horrific conditions, but we sat up well into the wind and kept it together for a strong and committed row. The rhythm went a bit towards the end, but luckily Pembroke IV spacked it up by going into a barge, and even though we were told to pull over before the race actually finished we held them off no trouble. I can feel our first ever bump coming on on Friday...please! (Charley)
A decent push out this time, and the girls got a better start than yesterday. Christ's II ahead got a bit away from us as we settled - and went on to get the bump on Emma III pretty early on. Meanwhile, the 12 crews ahead of Emma also bumped out pretty early on. We had no-one to chase!

It seemed that most of these bumping crews seemed to bump out on 1st post corner - Sarah's coxing to avoid this obstacle course was excellent.

Going around Grassy, Pembroke seem to head for the Ditton bank and hit a barge. We settled into a nice lower-rate row to take it home. Unfortunately, the incredible wind in the reach seemed to take our bows out a bit wide and we had some blades get close to the far bank. We pushed off, but seemed then to head to the near bank - again catching blades on the bank. Pembroke, however, were still nowhere to be seen - we eventually got moving again and paddled the 50-100m or so to the lower finish to row over.

Anyway, a better result than on Tuesday, hopefully the girls'll be able to bump Emma III when they next race on Friday - and apparently the weather is expected to be better as well! (Richard)
OK, so we have to bump Emma III, because I don't want to row all that way again... 40 mile/hr winds suck! We did awesome girls... (Narelle)
Rowed over
Awesome row over today girls, but please please go make them pay tomorrrow. Shame about the re-row - I think you would have got them if you hadn't stopped. Chins up, go out and kill them tomorrow (Fran)
Rowed over...again! Our first start was pretty good but then Clare Hall spacked it up by ending up horizontal under the railway bridge, so a restart was in order. We never really seemed to get it together today, I think we lost our focus a bit after stopping and starting, and although it did the job it wasn't our best row by far, not helped by my knee blowing out half way along the gut which threw me and the rhythm a bit. But tomorrow's the last day so we'll throw everything we have at Emma, although we're prepared for another row-over, hopefully getting-on-race stylee this time! (Charley)
Bumped by Pembroke IV
Arse of the river! And a pretty damn fine arse as Alex pointed out. I know I wasn't the only one to end up in tears after this one, as we really thought we had the bump or row-over in us, but it just wasn't meant to be this time. Although as several people have said, just getting on was our bump and a historic achievement that we should be really proud of. I've had such an amazing time this week, you girls have made rowing so much fun, as proven when we had to row back partly as bow 6 because I was laughing too hard to row! Thankyou for such an awesome term, I'll miss the sausages and the banter, but bring on the stash!!! And thankyou to the wLBCs, Neil, Erica and everyone else who has coached/supported us this term, we couldn't have done it without u guys :) (Charley)

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