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Lent Bumps Getting-on Race 2007

3rd women's VIII

Coxed by: Sarah Stoneman

Got on!
First time the third women have got on since...well I don't know when but it's a long time ago, if ever. Fantastic result. :) (Amelia)
we ruuuuuuuule :D:D

thanks to erica, christian, julijana, ulrike, rachel, iain, sorcs and MORRIS for being the most uber bank party - and infinite love and hugs to neil and the wlbcs (lyns, fran, amy, sorcs) for coaching us this term.

we did it, guys!! couldn't be prouder to be part of Fat W3 - bring on the BUMPS! (Kristina)
I think we managed to scare all of New Court with our massive scream when we found out! I'm so proud of us, all our hard work and dedication has paid off, now let's get ready to go and kick some ass next week :) We rowed the best we ever have today, so let's keep that going and keep pushing for Morris and doughnuts - I'll buy out Sainsbury's if it'll help! Just think about how much we want those water spades... (Charley)
Amelia, the reason you can't remember how long it's been is that this is the first ever appearance of a FaT W3 crew in the Lents!! Congrats all! (Have checked the bumps archives)
I am so proud of you, girls :o) You've worked so hard for this, you really deserve it! First EVER FaT W3 in the Lents!! (Erica)
OH MY GOD. SO SO SO PROUD! I knew you guys could do it, and even though I was banned from banking you guys (grrrr), I was yelling you on from the inside!
Go out there on Tues, row like you did today and do well. I get to talk all about you in my speech at the dinner so I want bumps galore!!!! Woooooooooooooo! (Lyns)
Amazing... we didn't believe it when we heard... we had to ring Erica to make sure it was true... and unbelievably it was (hence there was a lot of screaming!!!).

Today was amazing girls... "how much do you want it?" was the call... and we wanted it bad!

Lets go bump us some boats!!! (Narelle)
This is amazing!! We put the pressure down, we kept a really good rhythm and now we are in THE BUMPS!!! Not only that, we are officially the best Lent term 3rd womens EVER!!
This is what we worked for, now lets show em what Fat 3W can do!! (A. Sye)

1. First ever FaT 3rd W...
2. Coming into Grassy

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