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Pembroke Regatta, Lent Term 2007

3rd women's VIII (3rd division)

Coxed by: Sarah Stoneman

1st round
Beat Selwyn 3 by at least 4 lengths
A fairly decent start, but ended up spacking around a bit at a too high rating, although we pulled away at the start and never looked back. A good learning experience! (Charley)
I was so so so so so so so so excited by this - I knew you could do it, but it was whether you guys had the faith in yourselves and wanted it enough...and YOU DID!!!! Yay! (Lyns)
why oh why are there positive comments on this race?? LYNS???? in all honesty we looked wank, we randomly stopped after the bridge and generally had no consistant rhythm down the boat. All this race showed was that the Selwyn girls should never be allowed in a boat again. Luckily we got another go...... (nics)
Quarter finals
Beat Emma IV by 1 length
Much much better! A generally more controlled and committed race, felt pretty relaxed, and even though they took off faster they tired by the railway bridge and we were able to push off them and win fairly comfortably. Bodes well for Bumps (fingers crossed!) :) (Charley)
After the first win, I knew you'd want another - but it would be harder against Emma. Still, you did it. Absolutely awesome work girls. (Lyns)
Semi finals
Lost to Pembroke III by 2 lengths
Not quite as good as round 2 - not helped by my awesome knee failure/crab combo coming under the bridge - but still not too bad. I think we put our all into this one, and whilst it's obviously dissappointing to lose we have a lot of positives to take away from today and some solid high-rating race experience. Now we just have to put in the hard work this week and really focus on getting on... (Charley)
Shame, but you lost to the eventual winners who absolutely whipped the other finalists by about 5 lengths or something amusing. Good rowing and commitment today, but still plenty to work on. Don't lose that drive and keep the feeling of winning in your mind, and use it in next week's training so that you can get on next Fri and show everyone else just how amazing FaT W3 are. (Lyns)

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