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Fairbairn Cup - IVs 2006

1st women's IV (Senior IVs)

Coxed by: Magnus Jones

Time: 13:22.7
I think this race was pretty good proof of why it is preferable to have outings. Although we'd remembered how to row together by Chesterton, we were also by that stage VERY tired. We managed to hold it together though, and there were some committed pushes despite the spack. And anyway, who cares, cos we won!!!

ps has anyone seen a dead duck somewhere near Chesterton?? (Jane)
Obviously feeling the effects of the morning's VIII race, not to mention the lack of any IVs training for a few weeks, the start was a bit tentative, and King's had a 2.3 second lead (6:02.9 to 6:05.2) at Chesterton Footbridge with LMBC also ahead and Newnham just 0.1 sec behind. Then Magnus told the girls they were all lazy bitches, and they responded with a perfect demonstration of negative fade racing as with push after push the rate and speed increased consistently to the finish to secure a win by a commanding 13 seconds. Excellent stuff, just don't try it in the Bumps! (Neil T)

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