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City Sprints, May Term 2006

Fun 400m regatta format sprint in front of the boathouses. Started from stakeboats just before Elizabeth way.
Sun 7th May

The official results published by the organisers, City of Cambridge Rowing Club, can be found here. At the bottom of this page there is a link to Cambridge weather. Club members, please go here to add (or correct) results, crews or race reports.

1st women's VIII, Women's Lents Division 1

beat Trinity Hall by 1 1/4L
So much better! Despite our distinctly sub-par performance in the semi, we rowed much more efficiently this time and were taking water from the opposition right from the start. Once we were within sight of the boat house, the outcome was not in question.

Nice not get hailstoned on this time, too! (Erica)

1. More photos of beati...
2. Yet another photo of...
3. Girton 7 girl crabbing

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2nd women's VIII, Women's Lents Division 3

Winners! Beat Jesus 3
A confident row against the floundering Jesus 3, who were just no match for our mighty second women. Well done girls! A well-deserved tankard. I hope there's space on your mantelpiece for some more... winning can be addictive! (Erica)

1. .
2. Being crushed by a g...
3. Beating Jesus IV

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3rd women's VIII, Women's Lents Division 3

1. Paddling to the finish

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Grad VIII, Mens Lents Division 3

Quarter finals
Beat Tit Hall 2 (half a length)
Decent start, plenty of power, but a bit frantic. The stride managed to improve the rythym but also increase the rating somehow. It seemed more or less half a length all the way from the start.

I imagine Tit Hall 2 will be at least a division above us in bumps, so pretty good result. (Neil)
We had them right from the start. There was loads of power and little finesse but we got to the line first and that's all that matters in the end. :) (Amelia)
Semi finals
lost to Jesus 4 (1/4 length)
Pretty poor start, so us give them a length head start. We spent the rest of the race gaining on them but ran out of river. Had a close encouter with the bank near the end.

Hopefully some outings with the same crew order and some start practice and we'll be ready to tear up the fourth division! (Neil)
I'm sure the course favours the crew on the common side, and we were unlucky to be drawn on the boathouse station. Jesus M4 took it hard off the start while we took a little while to get going and they opened out a lead of over a length. Over the course we steadily came back at them, but their superior start and the fact that they steered right over onto our side meant that they just pipped us to the finishing post. Another 50m of course and I'm confident we'd have been in the final.

Once the crew has had some more outings together and some practice at starts we'll be flying! (Amelia)

1. Quarter length down ...
2. Pushing hard for the...
3. Beating Trinity Hall II

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1st men's IV, CRA Nv 4+

Beat FaT C (just!)
We rowed very badly indeed, but our power advantage over the other crews was sufficient to retain the title. (Tom C)

1. After the finish
2. Blade clash
3. 1st IV pushing into ...

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2nd men's IV, CRA Nv 4+

Quarter finals
Lost to City
We decided prior to the race that our plan should be to wind off the start, and then take it up 2 each ten strokes until we reached the finish. Given that we had only ever done half an outing with this crew, this was perhaps a bit overconfident. (Magnus Jones)
Rubbish. (Albert)

1. Length down to City
2. Getting beat be a canoe

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3rd men's IV, CRA Nv 4+

Quarter finals
City DSQ on start
Draw 1.. Draw 2.. They crash into us; Hold It Up; We Win...

Not much more to it than that. (Lorry)
Semi finals
Beat City By 1-2 lengths (somebody correct me)
We had seen FaT B lose to these guys... But we weren't put off, a fairly spacky but brutal race and we cross the line victorious! Also elated about having done better than the FaT B boat!

A good row, well done guys! (Lorry)
Lost to FaT A By Half a Length
We were never expecting to win this... Rich took probably too agressive a line we clashed and they just took us on the last 50m before that we were keeping fairly level (as far as I could see).

All in all it was a great race and I'm sure we far exceeded anybodies epectations, especially our own!

Brilliant rowing guys! Maybe next time... (Lorry)

1. Blade clash
2. 1st IV pushing into ...
3. Level coming into th...

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Miscellaneous women's IVs, CRA S3 4+

Beat Simoco
Simoco very graciously allowed us to delay the start of the race at the last minute after we realised there was a clash with the VIIIs final. Thus, we (and a sculler who had fallen in) were the finale of the evening. Jenny made sure it was interesting for the crowded spectators by taking bow-side rather close to the bank and attempting to sever a few ankles... by that stage, however, we had a comfortable lead and the final few strokes to the line were amused rather than panicked! (Erica)
Despite just having got off the water from our previous final and having raced a total of over 12000m today, our start was strong and together and we started to eat into their lead (from the stagger) from the first stroke. We settled into a long loose rhythm and soon opened up a comfortable lead. About 5 strokes from the finish, with in excess of a hundred people watching, we made things a little bit more interesting by having a quick visit into the bank. Fortunately though we were miles ahead and even with our detour we still won comfortably. They told us that they were pleased to have been beaten by less than five lengths.

Note to self and anyone else reading: H2H2H2H2sprint2sprint2sprint makes for VERY tired legs. Lots of fun though. :) (Amelia)

1. Yet another photo of...
2. Beating Simoco

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Coxless pairs, The Chuckle Brothers, College 2-

Beat Corpus
Good, disqualifiable fun! The patented Coker-Jane start (let's go as high as possible and try not to fall in) surprised the opposition, as did my 'aggressive' line into the corner: We were on the meadow side, although you can't tell from the photos. On the plus side, the fact I could be in the middle of the river meant we were already a length up 200m in.

The comedy 'To me! To you!' needs some work, but is basically there. (Dan)

1. Crossing the line wi...
2. Cleaning up

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Cambridge weather: text

1. Whipped
2. City sculler in the ...

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