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Champion of the Thames Eights Head, May Term 2006

4th men's VIII, Grad VIII (Men's Lower Div. Mays)

Coxed by: Amelia Russell

33rd overall, 7th in category, winners of Most 'Interesting' Start
Time: 5:29
Many thanks to the numerous subs who turned up for us (Dan J, Yung-Chin and Martin Y). We spent most of our slightly ropey row down, getting used to the shiny new boat and blades. The 5th VIII were using what, up to now, had been what we were using in our outings.

Once marshalled, it started raining, so someone had the bright idea of singing 'We're Singing in the Rain' on the start line. After a couple of practices, boats marshalling near us were left in no doubt as to our singing ability. And probably more bemused by the follow-up whistling of the chorus (bow 4 can't whislte...) There was also a round of guess Amelia's weight. Still, we duly sang on the start line and were rewarded with champagne. Ironically, it was no longer raining by the time we started...

Pretty good and aggresive off the start. Unfortunately once got around Ditton, it slightly degenerated into a bit of a standard lower boats spack up the reach, not helped by myself missing (what I assume were) 'up 1 down 1s' as the cox box wasn't working. I think the last half minute was a bit more solid.

Still, it was all good practice at something approaching race rating, and at least we won *something*. Plenty of room for improvement, and hopefully we might eventually end up faster than W1... Right, best get back to the weights, else bow and three will *never* get the boat round Grassy come bumps. And I've been in boats that didn't turn round that corner... (Andy)
Just not quite together at any point - I think the standard of the singing set the tone for the entirety of the race! :) Due to various crew commitments we were pretty sub heavy, and the rowing gods had conspired against us not only with the weather but also in the fact that we had to row in Richard Church. Fortunately the only significant corner was a stroke side one (we wouldn't have had a hope at getting around Grassy).

A very mediocre row, the crew is capable of an awful lot better than this result. At least we beat the fifth men though... ;-) (Amelia)

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