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Robinson Head, Lent Term 2006

3rd men's VIII (Lower VIIIs)

Coxed by: Honey Duan

16th overall, fastest 4th (and 3rd) VIII
Time: 8:44
Another day, another crew.

Pretty good race overall, but our strong restart at Ditton was possibly indicative of our underachievement up until then... We didn't quite catch Newnham II, which was annoying. (BJ)
The planned 'aggressive' wind off the start took us to a stratospheric rating of 32, and after a few strokes, stroke and cox took an executive decision not to bother with the stride. The row was pretty solid until we emerged from Grassy, at which point we all decided that we were going to rest up until the planned 'restart' after Ditton.

This plan worked exceedingly well, as a 30-stroke breather meant that the restart was both powerful and smooth. Luckily after the restart we maintained the aggression all the way to the finish, but being a gentlemen's VIII, we were far too polite to close up behind a women's crew, and decided to hold station half a length behind Newnham instead. (Albert)

1. The new democratic a...
2. James was disappoint...
3. Chris and Bryn were ...

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