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Lent Bumps 2006

1st men's VIII

Coxed by: Rachel Munro

Rowed over
After the great disappointment of yesterday, the first men put in a great show today, moving up over the first 2 minutes, and remaining on station until Ditton.
Caius thereafter did move away slowly, gaining perhaps a length and half by the railway bridge. (Martin)
Rowed over
I only saw the race from the Railway Bridge onwards... initially Caius looked like they were in control and First and Third a bit lacksadaisical (Russism) but the guys took it up brilliantly and committedly to the finish and ended up roughly on station, with Caius under pressure. The last bit of rowing was the best I have seen you do. Go for it tomorrow!!!!! (Pia)
Rowed over
These pictures still make me cry.

Take pride in knowing that you were the fastest men's crew on the river. You really don't need a blade to remind you how nails you are.

We're all immensely proud of you!!! (Pia)
The first men made a courageous final attempt to bump Caius for the Headship. A phenomenal start rewarded them with a length whistle within the first 20 seconds. The crew continued to pile on the pressure, moving up on Caius steadily until Ditton and the first part of the Reach. The Black Prince moved to well inside half a length of the Headship.

However, Caius proved themselves capable of handling the pressure and thereafter moved away to clinch their 5th consecutive Lents title. The strain of the early stages of our race and effort required to finish well clear of Downing saw Dan Holland at stroke - on his 14th consecutive row over in the Lent VIII - needing first aid once across the line.

First and Third have now rowed over at 2nd place for 4 years. Once again we were the only club to beat Caius during the term and rowed away with Caius from the rest of the division in Bumps.

It is difficult to describe the mix of disappointment and pride that you feel for such great performances over such a long period of time. I can only say that I look forward to next year when the club has the historic opportunity for a double headship. I hope the next generation of oarsmen will finally crack it and at last enjoy the Headship I feel the club so deserves. (Martin P)

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