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Bristol Avon Regatta, Summer 2005

Light and Dark Trinity (Victrix Ludorum)

Coxed by: Lewis Westbury

A large, glass, pink phallus was our prize. Well, I'm told it's in fact a "yard of ale", but you could have fooled me. Er.. an "interesting" prize, anyway :) (Lilie)
Definitely weren't expecting this. Just WAIT till you see what the prize was... (photos will follow)!

Have First and Third ever won a Victor/Victrix Ludorum before? It usually needs quite a lot of entries (from the same club) but it seems that at Bristol there was enough competition that nobody won more than two events. (Erica)
I've not heard of this before, but judging from a web search the Victrix Ludorum seems to be a prize awarded for 'best performance', or 'the performance of the day' or something along those lines.
Also, Catherine says this was awarded to the highest scoring club - a great achievement to have won it single handedly, well done guys. (Martin)
Go to the Bristol Avon Regatta homepage to see the magnificence of our thirty six inch pink phallic prize.

Apparently 'Victor Ludorum' is for men, and 'Victrix Ludorum' the female equivalent. A really wonderful surprise to win this at the end of a good day's racing. (Amelia)
Yes, "victor ludorum" means "winner of the games" in Latin and "victrix" is the female version of "victor".

bene remigavistis, puellae! (Classicists - feel free to correct my Latin...) (Smiley Mark)

1. The Victor Ludorum p...

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