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Foster Fairbairn Pairs, May Term 2005

Thompson/Weaver (Women's 2-)

Coxless pairs
bow Erica Thompson str Lilie Weaver
Semi finals
Beat Kunze/Moynihan (Churchill) by a few lengths
Race went very much to plan, though there's probably still some room for improvement. We pulled away from them towards the end, weren't sure if we'd won or lost initially as we were too busy crasing into a Leys quad, with Erica not sure if we'd actually crossed the finish yet [we had, luckily]
oooh it's FaT on FaT tomorrow.. bring it ;) (Lilie)
Dead heat with Russell/Aiken (FaT)
Wow, we couldn't have done this if we'd tried.. Well we did try.. sort of. Having spent all of yesterday joking about declaring a dead heat and refusing to rerow.. it happened. We both had a pretty shocking row from what I gather - Cath and Amelia clipping a platform thing, and Erica and I crashing into a barge. We certainly struggled with the evil headwind which sprang up today, and our technique was shocking. It was good that neither side felt we'd been advantaged/disadvangted. Woo! See you next year in the silver pairs! (Lilie)
FaT women rock! Having knocked out all the opposition with relative ease, we knew that we were pretty evenly matched and even attempted to tell the umpires in advance that it would be a dead heat. Unfortunately we had to row anyway. Both crews had minor incidents involving large objects such as the bank a couple of times and I don't think any of us felt it was really a very good row. A massive lift out of Ditton though made for a great race to the finish ending in pretty much the best possible result: dead heat, to within the millisecond!
Celebrations, names on boards, and medals (!!!) all round :o)

Huge thanks to Jenny, without whose great banksteering we would have had much more trouble with barges etc! (Erica)

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