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May Bumps 2005

3rd men's VIII, Grad VIII

Coxed by: Aileen Dennis

Rowed over
Hey! We were NOT bumped by Emma III. In a rerow of just us and them chasing us, they nearly had us at Ditton corner, but then we pulled away all up the reach. A fantastic row! (Monster Munch)
Hmmm I've changed the result, but the bumps chart hasnt altered.

And yeah, that was really satisfying - I can now see why so many people voted for "being the one that got away" in the poll. (Fergus)
Three years ago I was bumped by Emma III, rowing in the 4th VIII.

Two years ago I was bumped in a one on one re-row.

Ghosts put to rest. (Keith)
By "nearly had us" we mean a foot away. A race of Golden legends :) Now we must get Tit Hall tomorrow. (Tudor)
When a blacksmith forges a steel tool, he must successively anneal, harden and temper it. It needs to be both hard and tough. Too much tempering and the tool will blunt like butter; too little and it will shatter like glass. There is one easy but potentially terminal way to test it: the hammer test. Hit it hard with a hammer and see if it breaks.

The grads have been annealed, hardened and tempered in training this term. Today was their hammer test. Today they showed they are both hard and tough. Today they proved they are a crew of true mettle. (Smiley Mark)
Sorry for the mistake on the rerow result. Had just seen you row over... just had a bit of a short curcuit :-( (Martin)
Yeah! What was Julia saying about the sweet feeling of rowing away from your opposition during a row over........? She was right- sweet indeed!

Well rowed guys! (Aileen)
The lower half of the division was caught up in some monster carnage, apparently caused by Magdalene II bumping Downing III and totally failing to clear. By the time we ploughed into the gridlock, just past the motorway bridge, we held Emma III at what we believe was just outside a length. However, they cheekily asked for a rerow - and in an umpire decision that was as controversial as this week's Michael Jackson jury verdict, their request was granted.

For the rerow we started from the top station, just ahead of W2. Despite a much better start, this time Emma really *did* close to within a length at Grassy, to within half a length past the Plough, and to within a few feet by Ditton corner. Just like Icarus was drawn towards the sun, the bright golden glow of our crew shirts seemed to exert an irresistible pull on their oarsmen. And just like the legendary adventurer of the Greek myth ended up having his wings melted and clipped, Emma equally couldn't cope with the heat: Their bow man's blade got stuck in Fergus' maelstrom-like wash, he caught a massive overhead crab (have a look at Martin's pictures!), and Emma's challenge was effectively over.

Down the reach we pushed them into the distance with surprising ease - perhaps they still had equipment issues, or their burn-and-die race plan had reached the second phase. Today Emma III will start right behind us again, but we hope for a quick bump on Trinity Hall III to put us out of Emma's reach for the foreseeable future. (Christoph)
We were worried when we saw 'red mist' and no 'golden glow' at the horizon as we were marshalled an moving up towards our second race of the day...

Gloriously we had an excellent view on the great start the guys had in their rerow. Emma III did look strong, but were ultimately found wanting!

The 1st women wish their sparring buddies the best of luck in today's racing!! (Pia)
Bumped Trinity Hall III
Nicely done just after the motorway bridge. Strangely less exciting than yesterday's row over away from Emma but probably because it was rather easy. The most satisfying thing was that Emma were nowhere to be seen. Mwahahaha (Aileen)
The golden lycra-clad grads tore into the Trinity Hall all-blacks like a bright bolt of lightning into the heart of darkness...

Ok, I'll stop the metaphors here and now. Anyway, the bump leaves us right in the middle of a cluster of five crews all vying for the 3rd boat headship. A good result so far, and certainly a very solid row today. (Christoph)
Rowed over
Closing on LMBC III, but, as expected, they bumped the much slower Downing III before we really had a chance. Tit Hall III and Emma III bumped out behind leaving us a relatively relaxed row over. (Monster Munch)
Bumped Downing III
Quick bump as expected, just after the motorway bridge. Unfortunately wedged Downing into the bank a little. A good week of bumps, earned by our row-over on day one.

Having gained off the start on Maggie before they hit slow crews on days 1 and 3 we'd have liked to have had a go at them over the whole course for the third boat headship, though they did well to bump today.

A few more days and
we might have got the red scum.
Who said bumps was fair? (Neil)

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2. First post corner
3. Rowing at grassy

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